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You know me
Wed Oct 6, 2010 4:14pm

She had sat down across the table from Howl, and the most she could do was blink. At first she just stared at him, wide-eyed, like a deer caught in the headlights. He seemed okay. He looked good. There was another girl next to him; Kim had heard about his sister, Flora, last year, and remembered the name. Kim blinked again, with absolutely no idea what to do.

There was last year, with that asshole Dan, with trying to protect Arlis, with the knife and the Headmaster and the stupid lie she'd had to pretend was real. And having to hit Howl and fight Willow and damnit she had even CRIED that day.

Then almost telling Howl the truth and Arlis interrupting and the summer and all the new clothes and some of her hair growing back and the eyeliner. And now Howl. Again.

"Hi, Howl," she eventually choked out, after an obscenely long pause, fiddling with a fork. She looked at the girl next to him. "Flora," she added.

She looked down at her cake and back up at them. Desperately she tried to turn her look colder, though she didn't understand why. She liked Howl, and everything seemed to be all blown over. Like she could hang out with him again. But since the fight it was like everything had changed. She had been sharply reminded that when it came to survival, it was stupid to have anyone you were close to or anyone you loved, because you could have to give them up if it came to it. And that hurt. That hurt a lot. The silence at the table overwhelmed her. That issue that was hanging right between them. Without warning Kim turned her head back to Flora and asked, the words out of her mouth before she could stop them, "I heard your house burned down this summer?"

This was getting out of control.

  • A big one?Howl and Flora Saltzman, Wed Oct 6 2:08pm
    Flora had been driving Howl mad for the first half summer, asking him countless questions, sometimes so fast that she didn't even wait to get an answer off him. She had stopped though, when the... more
    • You know me — Kim, Wed Oct 6 4:14pm
      • I do!Howl and Flora, Thu Oct 7 2:49pm
        "Hi," Flora said, wondering how the girl - apparently called Kim - knew her name. More to the point, why was Howl looking at her like that? He hadn't said anything about Kim to her before...... more
        • Good! Then it won't be a surprise.Kim, Thu Oct 7 5:59pm
          Just as she was about to say, "Damnit, I got the wrong house," she caught the side of Howl's face out of the corner of her eye. He looked put-out at the whole thing, but really, it was an entire... more
          • Madison's our spokesperson, obviouslyMadison Connor and Reece Teslock and Jael Grace, Thu Oct 7 6:12pm
            The scene next to her had started getting out of hand when Kim Baden had sat down. Madison Connor had turned to Reece and given him a look. That was Kim Baden, the look said, the girl who stabbed... more
            • Oh dear.Howl and Flora, Fri Oct 8 10:36am
              She just heard? What did that mean? Flora was disappointed that they didn't actually teach mind reading, and shrugged. "It was pretty bad," she said, before going back to her food. Howl stared at... more
              • Oh, my dear!Kim, Fri Oct 8 12:21pm
                Kim broke out into a grin without meaning to, her entire face flushing right after. He must have known she was just making it up, just to say something, but she'd made him laugh. She looked down at... more
                • Me? Your dear?Reece and Jael, Fri Oct 8 12:36pm
                  Kim Baden didn't look scary at all when she was trying not to laugh, Reece thought. So much for Madison Connor's promises - but he had to take what she said with a grain of salt, he remembered. The... more
                  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!Howl and Flora, Fri Oct 8 12:59pm
                    Howl's face broke into a grin again when he saw Kim was grinning and trying not to laugh. She didn't look so like she had last term any more. Flora said nothing, because she didn't know who the... more
                    • I meant Howl, of course.Kim, Fri Oct 8 3:14pm
                      Howl's renewed grin was almost contagious enough to break down Kim's line of defense, but thankfully, Jael and Reece kept on with the conversation. Of course Grace wasn't marrying Mason. Mason was... more
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