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Rhys and Lenin
Wed Oct 6, 2010 4:17pm

Rhys liked the look of her milkshake and quickly ordered himself one, starting to guzzle it down as soon as it appeared on his plate. His dad’s philosophies didn’t interest him as much as they did Lenin. He heard them his whole life, and although he found value in them, he didn’t know what to make of them. Maybe, he thought, that was why she was placed into Ahela and him to Ninth. Lenin liked to pick things apart. She was curious about everything.
He thought that maybe Scarlet shouldn’t have asked about it at all, because Lenin was suddenly leaning across the table all eager.

“But would it just pop into place like that just from knowing?” Rhys noticed her dark eyes looked shiny as they did when talking about stuff like this, her eyebrows high on her forehead. “Maybe it’s just, like… blocked, you know? Like Chakra.” She learned that from her Aunt. “You have to open them up in order to full understand yourself, or something.”

Rhys cut in, curious. “Where are you from Scarlet? We’re from Nelson. Canada.” He added quickly, remembering where he was. Lenin didn’t look upset to have been interrupted, instead she quietly went back to her food.

  • Just consider me Royalty thenScarlet, Wed Oct 6 9:19am
    Scarlet ordered herself a chocolate milkshake from her glass like she had done with her plate. It too complied with her words and a thick shake poured upwards, completing the drink with a straw and... more
    • -Curtsy- — Rhys and Lenin, Wed Oct 6 4:17pm
      • Now we're talkingScarlett, Sat Oct 9 10:36am
        Scarlet's eyebrows rose as Lenin went on about the subject. And what was 'chakra'? She had never heard of that before. Maybe the other girl was right. Her parents were certainly in denial about... more
        • We weren't before?Rhys and Lenin, Sat Oct 9 1:17pm
          Lenin got the feeling that Scarlet wasn't much into her Uncle Jimmy's theories. As the conversation wound down at Scarlet pronouncing maybe there was a book on it -- to which Lenin wasn't sure there... more
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