I read that as Beastie, how odd.
Wed Oct 6, 2010 5:09pm

"Well there... doesn't seem like a great list to be on, does it? Enough to drive you to insanity."

Annet, after taking a bite of her salad and swallowed added cheerfully. “Or everyone is just insane.” Though the didn’t seem to be paying attention anymore as Eve went on. She wasn’t sure she ever really liked Eve. Or, she treated her with indifference anyway. She wasn’t as interesting as Devon, and her desperate attempt to put Devon under seemed just that.

However, this whole thing has been great publicity for the school.” Oh right, that was her department.

She shrugged her shoulders and continued to eat her salad, spearing a piece of strawberry.
She honestly didn’t care if the school was shown in a good light. She thought her job as head of PR was to make sure nothing happened to Cassandra. She had taken that part seriously. The people she’d had to work with on PR had quit. Poor Cornelius had had a nervous breakdown when he found out she had been threatening parents.

She munched on her strawberry and then, ignoring – for the moment anyway – Devon’s question, “You best keep an eye out for Rand then, he’ll be killing us all in our sleep any day now.” She spoke it lazily, as if stating they had run out of milk, before turning back to Devon. “I knocked out the wall in my room. I think I’ll put a window. For the mean time I’m enjoying the breeze.”

She figured she would need to tell him, as students had been peering around her doorway wondering what the commotion was.

  • Hey bestie, let's do lunchDevon, Wed Oct 6 10:12am
    Eve was enjoying this too much. Devon wanted to simply leave. Sarah was digging him deeper in his grave with the Shovel of Good Intentions, Annet was joining in for the sheer fun of it (probably) and ... more
    • I read that as Beastie, how odd. — Annet, Wed Oct 6 5:09pm
      • So which one of you is Beauty?Sarah, Wed Oct 6 9:58pm
        Sarah was perturbed by Annet's behavior as much as she was by Eve's. She felt like Alice at the Madhatter's tea table in Alice in Wonderland, where everyone around her was totally off their rocker.... more
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