Abby Greene
I don't know if you really mean that
Wed Oct 6, 2010 8:16pm

Abby's breath caught when he leaned in. Her hair had fallen in front of her shoulders and she was frozen even when he leaned back again. Her lips twitched at the corners when he acted impressed. And her cheeks started to warm, but didn't move and it took her a moment to get past the thoughts of how cute he was and wishes that he thought she was cute to bother processing his question.

"He uh," she said, then swallowed. "He taught Defense Against the Dark Arts."

She moved her plate--only a few bites having been bothered with-- and tucked a foot under her on her chair. "He was the Quidditch coach, too. A long time ago though he was an auror. There were a bunch of people who hated him. He was teaching here and then at the end of one year he just," she shrugged," disappeared. Grandma and Grandpa didn't really know what happened. Then he showed up again and didn't remember much. Mom was the one who helped him remember. She was studying art in the South of France and he was just there. She helped him figure out where he was from , but he still doesn't remember a lot."

Merlin, she was suddenly glad her family had something interesting.

  • ..... Sure? -confused-Jake, Wed Oct 6 5:21pm
    "Cool." He figured it must be awesome to only have one sibling. Only one sibling to worry about. For a moment he mused over which one he would like to keep, and settled on either Asha or Sophie.... more
    • I don't know if you really mean that — Abby Greene, Wed Oct 6 8:16pm
      • I'm not sure what I think.Jake, Thu Oct 7 2:09pm
        A Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who was curse ? For a moment he always said that he might not be very good at his job then, but held it back knowing that might be rude. Actually, in fact, it... more
        • You're a boy. That takes time.Abigail Greene, Fri Oct 8 2:06am
          Abby laughed at the story of his uncle. She probably shouldn't, having been raised with stories of how bad such a situation could be. "Seriously?" she asked, giggling again. "Yeah," she said. "From... more
          • I have to wait that long? Durn.Jake, Sat Oct 9 12:09am
            He would have whistled. A big long one that people did when they were impressed with something, a cartoon whistle, but... he couldn't whistle. Never been able to, so instead he just raised his... more
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