So which one of you is Beauty?
Wed Oct 6, 2010 9:58pm

Sarah was perturbed by Annet's behavior as much as she was by Eve's. She felt like Alice at the Madhatter's tea table in Alice in Wonderland, where everyone around her was totally off their rocker.

The conversation was just another example of her experiences here at school. She would never have expected to be sitting at the faculty table, holding Jered's hand, listening to that completely strange woman talk about smashing walls and how everyone was crazy.

The talk of knocking out a wall in her room made Sarah choke. She blushed, realizing she had just drawn attention to herself, one thing she didn't want after only making it worse for Devon. "I'm fine," she said quickly. She decided to just sit back and watch. Clearly that was the better choice here.

OOC Just keep going without me! Sarah's going to work on chewing and swallowing :)

  • I read that as Beastie, how odd. Annet, Wed Oct 6 5:09pm
    "Well there... doesn't seem like a great list to be on, does it? Enough to drive you to insanity." Annet, after taking a bite of her salad and swallowed added cheerfully. “Or everyone is just... more
    • So which one of you is Beauty? — Sarah, Wed Oct 6 9:58pm
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