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Evelyn and Dom and Gillius Fowle
Maybe you need a hypnotist...
Thu Oct 7, 2010 3:03pm

Dom's eyes widened in alarm as Willow choked violently on her dinner. "Are you ok?" he asked, ready to sprint for the nurse if need be. He could have kicked himself for being so cavalier about the whole thing. He tried to reassure Willow, but he couldn't think of anything to say. Evelyn giggled again, leaning across Dom once Willow could breathe normally, and adding, "But it's ok. Apparently, she wasn't interested either." It amused her, Dom's parents' futile attempts to get their son engaged to a respectable young witch, all the while seemingly unaware of his relationship with Willow. She suddenly felt awkward though, when Willow and Dom started holding hands. She wished there was somebody else there who wasn't in a relationship either. Well, not with anyone present.

Evelyn started giggling uncontrollably again when Willow said, "Who is it?" and hardly noticed Gilly sit down beside her, already covered in mud. She remembered him having a similar appearance last year, back when he'd been obsessed with Damon. Gilly didn't look at all pleased to see Dom there.

"Gilly!" she cried, flinging her arms around him, glad of the distraction. "Did you have a good summer?" She was pretty glad to see Gilly, despite his rather larger-than-life personality and his ambitions to be the next Robeless Queen. Gilly nodded, then looked at Evelyn's empty plate and said, "Aren't you hungry?"

"I've got so much to tell you!" Evelyn cried, choosing to ignore this last comment. She nodded slightly towards Dom and Willow and said in an undertone, "When they're not around."

Dom looked from Willow to Evelyn and back again. "Oh yeah," he said in a tone of wonder, comprehension finally dawning on his face. He laughed quietly, wondering who kept making Evelyn go pink and giggly everytime she was asked about the summer.

Gilly nodded politely at Willow and Dom, for whom he had never had much time, then asked Evelyn how her summer was, causing her to giggle uncontrollably for a further five minutes.

Dom grinned and asked Willow, "So what happened to you over the holidays? Apart from Extreme Makeover, courtesy of...?" he trailed off, waiting to find out who the culprit was. Probably Willow's sister. He'd glimpsed her at parents' evening and now, come to think of it, Willow looked a lot more like her.

  • Focus... focus... I can't.Willow, Thu Oct 7 2:30pm
    "Oh, oh okay," Willow muttered. She really wasn't good with compliments. "Thanks." she took a small bite from her veggie burger and looked down at the plate as she chewed, almost choking as Dom... more
    • Maybe you need a hypnotist... — Evelyn and Dom and Gillius Fowle, Thu Oct 7 3:03pm
      • Who, though?Willow, Thu Oct 7 3:28pm
        "Good," Willow said, a little more violently than she meant to. Damn it, she needed to stop being so protective over him. Dom could look after himself. If he didn't want to have an arranged marriage, ... more
        • Good question...Evelyn, Dom and Gilly, Tue Oct 12 2:09pm
          Evelyn smiled when she heard Willow firmly expressing her approval that neither Dom nor his relative were the slightest bit interested in each other. On the other hand, she also felt kind of sad for... more
          • Any old person will do, I think.Willow, Tue Oct 12 3:16pm
            "Okay," Willow said, returning the squeeze. She stared at her food, not that hungry any more, and pushed the plate away. She smiled and looked around the hall, looking at the people she recognised... more
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