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Who, though?
Thu Oct 7, 2010 3:28pm

"Good," Willow said, a little more violently than she meant to. Damn it, she needed to stop being so protective over him. Dom could look after himself. If he didn't want to have an arranged marriage, he wouldn't have one.

Gilly appeared then. Willow wasn't sure what to make of Gilly. He seemed okay, though really quite loud, and the Robeless liked him. That was never a good sign. If he wanted to be one of them, he probably didn't like her either. Simple as. She wasn't bothered by it really, and only hoped he didn't end up hurting Evelyn's feelings. She raised an eyebrow at Evelyn as she tried to change the subject, vowing that she would find out, and soon.

"Jenna," Willow said, answering Dom's question. "I didn't even agree to it really. Still not used to it." she laughed nervously and ran a hand through her hair, which still felt weird. "My parents made me hang out with them a bit more. We planted a garden on top of my house though, so it wasn't that bad. I'm guessing your summer was kind of bad?"

  • Maybe you need a hypnotist...Evelyn and Dom and Gillius Fowle, Thu Oct 7 3:03pm
    Dom's eyes widened in alarm as Willow choked violently on her dinner. "Are you ok?" he asked, ready to sprint for the nurse if need be. He could have kicked himself for being so cavalier about the... more
    • Who, though? — Willow, Thu Oct 7 3:28pm
      • Good question...Evelyn, Dom and Gilly, Tue Oct 12 2:09pm
        Evelyn smiled when she heard Willow firmly expressing her approval that neither Dom nor his relative were the slightest bit interested in each other. On the other hand, she also felt kind of sad for... more
        • Any old person will do, I think.Willow, Tue Oct 12 3:16pm
          "Okay," Willow said, returning the squeeze. She stared at her food, not that hungry any more, and pushed the plate away. She smiled and looked around the hall, looking at the people she recognised... more
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