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Madison Connor and Reece Teslock and Jael Grace
Madison's our spokesperson, obviously
Thu Oct 7, 2010 6:12pm

The scene next to her had started getting out of hand when Kim Baden had sat down. Madison Connor had turned to Reece and given him a look. That was Kim Baden, the look said, the girl who stabbed Abby and was one of the Robeless. Reece remained unimpressed, instead watching Kim curiously, and frowning between her and the boy with the green hair. He thought they seemed alright.

"Finally," Madison Connor sighed, standing up after the speech. "At least Deputy Head Winchester talks way less than Uncle Devon. You coming?"

Reece shrugged. He didn't even know where they were going.

"Abby's right over there," Madison Connor insisted. But Reece looked at her apologetically, nodding next to him. He looked Jael's face over carefully. She seemed pretty happy staying here. "We're fine," he told his sister, who shrugged and skipped off. She wanted to make a big show of knowing Abby, probably, for winning the Animagus contest.

When she was gone, Reece scooted to Jael's other side, so that he was sitting right next to Kim Baden, and across from the girl she called Flora. Jael was taking the skins off individual peas and separating them from the insides. Reece tried to give a little smile to the others at the table, a little worried they would judge him by the girl next to him. Jael was taller now, even a little tall for her height, and her features had continued sharpening into adulthood - a bizarrely feminine version of her father. Her bangs hung loosely, glancing along the tops of her eyelashes, her robes open and uncared for, wide black pantaloons and a buttoned vest underneath. She sat awkwardly, toes pointed inwards, face in full concentration. Her chin was extending, and her mouth muttered whispers of something none of them could hear.

She was weird, but she was family. Reece glanced back at her then smiled sheepishly again. Madison Connor told him everyone at school liked Jael and left her alone, but she was getting a few looks and laughs. He was starting to wonder if that hadn't been entirely true. "I'm Reece," he blurted out, without thinking. Guilt pushed him to add, "This is my cousin, Jael."

  • Good! Then it won't be a surprise.Kim, Thu Oct 7 5:59pm
    Just as she was about to say, "Damnit, I got the wrong house," she caught the side of Howl's face out of the corner of her eye. He looked put-out at the whole thing, but really, it was an entire... more
    • Madison's our spokesperson, obviously — Madison Connor and Reece Teslock and Jael Grace, Thu Oct 7 6:12pm
      • Oh dear.Howl and Flora, Fri Oct 8 10:36am
        She just heard? What did that mean? Flora was disappointed that they didn't actually teach mind reading, and shrugged. "It was pretty bad," she said, before going back to her food. Howl stared at... more
        • Oh, my dear!Kim, Fri Oct 8 12:21pm
          Kim broke out into a grin without meaning to, her entire face flushing right after. He must have known she was just making it up, just to say something, but she'd made him laugh. She looked down at... more
          • Me? Your dear?Reece and Jael, Fri Oct 8 12:36pm
            Kim Baden didn't look scary at all when she was trying not to laugh, Reece thought. So much for Madison Connor's promises - but he had to take what she said with a grain of salt, he remembered. The... more
            • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!Howl and Flora, Fri Oct 8 12:59pm
              Howl's face broke into a grin again when he saw Kim was grinning and trying not to laugh. She didn't look so like she had last term any more. Flora said nothing, because she didn't know who the... more
              • I meant Howl, of course.Kim, Fri Oct 8 3:14pm
                Howl's renewed grin was almost contagious enough to break down Kim's line of defense, but thankfully, Jael and Reece kept on with the conversation. Of course Grace wasn't marrying Mason. Mason was... more
                • AwwwwReece and Jael, Fri Oct 8 6:24pm
                  Okay, now Reece knew for sure it was Kim Baden. He felt a little self-congratulatory for guessing, but there was no one there with whom to share his triumph. In a way he liked her wry sense of the... more
                  • Now I feel special.Howl and Flora, Sat Oct 9 6:48pm
                    "Well I guess that's one way of looking at things," Flora said. It was weird imagining people with clay insides, and the images of them in her head kept getting squished by big rocks. She eyed Jael... more
                    • It's because you are!Kim , Sun Oct 10 10:12am
                      A thought struck Kim at the same time as a memory. She used to hang out on street corners with various people, or sit with homeless men selling trinkets while the pedestrians walked by. There was one ... more
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