Howl and Flora
Fri Oct 8, 2010 12:59pm

Howl's face broke into a grin again when he saw Kim was grinning and trying not to laugh. She didn't look so like she had last term any more. Flora said nothing, because she didn't know who the Headmaster was yet, and she didn't know who Nurse Mason was either, apart from the fact that she had to be the school's nurse.

There was something slightly unsettling about Jael. Howl guessed it was because no one really understood her, probably thought they had to speak to her like she was deaf, and then there was the time she was playing in the blood with Seth Grimm-Batrice. That had been a little morbid and strange, but he thought that if she had more friends, less people would be scared of her.

Flora looked at Kim - it had been Kim that had mentioned they were getting married, after all. Kim seemed to know an awful lot about everyone. She knew a girl like that in primary school, who always started rumours and always gossiped, but every now and then her stories would have some truth in them, because she listened in on people's conversations and spied on her friends. Kim didn't seem to be that type of girl though.

  • Me? Your dear?Reece and Jael, Fri Oct 8 12:36pm
    Kim Baden didn't look scary at all when she was trying not to laugh, Reece thought. So much for Madison Connor's promises - but he had to take what she said with a grain of salt, he remembered. The... more
    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa! — Howl and Flora, Fri Oct 8 12:59pm
      • I meant Howl, of course.Kim, Fri Oct 8 3:14pm
        Howl's renewed grin was almost contagious enough to break down Kim's line of defense, but thankfully, Jael and Reece kept on with the conversation. Of course Grace wasn't marrying Mason. Mason was... more
        • AwwwwReece and Jael, Fri Oct 8 6:24pm
          Okay, now Reece knew for sure it was Kim Baden. He felt a little self-congratulatory for guessing, but there was no one there with whom to share his triumph. In a way he liked her wry sense of the... more
          • Now I feel special.Howl and Flora, Sat Oct 9 6:48pm
            "Well I guess that's one way of looking at things," Flora said. It was weird imagining people with clay insides, and the images of them in her head kept getting squished by big rocks. She eyed Jael... more
            • It's because you are!Kim , Sun Oct 10 10:12am
              A thought struck Kim at the same time as a memory. She used to hang out on street corners with various people, or sit with homeless men selling trinkets while the pedestrians walked by. There was one ... more
              • Okay, well don't get mushy nowReece and Jael, Sun Oct 10 12:30pm
                Reece was in the uncomfortable position he was an 11 year-old who had started getting crushes on girls over a year ago. He didn't dare tell anyone. All his friends still didn't like hanging out with... more
                • Can't help it :]Howl and Flora, Mon Oct 11 3:00pm
                  Howl nodded and smirked slightly when Kim mentioned Headmaster Grace, which was nothing compared to the sudden and weirdly loud laugh that came from Reece. Howl jumped slightly on the bench and then... more
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