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Sloane and Slate
Short on post titles?
Fri Oct 8, 2010 7:51pm

Sloane was listening to the conversation intently, as well as the one going on to her other side. She was trying to also listen to the one behind her - at another table - but someone there kept mumbling, and another party seemed to be chewing with her mouth open. So not much luck there - it was too hard to hear.

Slate was talking now, Dea Slate she knew he was called. She knew he was Arab-American, but she didn't know which Arab, and she heard that he had told someone his first year that not one, not two, but three of the sorting trees had argued over him. Apparently he had Rakin's pride, Quesne's playfulness, and Ninth's . . . well, she wasn't really sure why he was in Ninth. He definitely would have done better in either Rakin or Quesne, it seemed. If he was in Rakin, his peers would have slowed him down and brought that malice to the forefront, but Quesne, he would have changed into fully fledged pranking jock, no doubts there.

Sloane, therefore, saw him as potentially flexible in his loyalties.

"I'm in Ninth," Slate was saying. "And this is NOT going to be a good thing with our new Head of House." He jerked a thumb up to the staff table. "You're lucky, you've got Winchester, you guys can get away with murder over there."

As long as it has nothing to do with the Headmaster's daughter, Sloane thought to herself.

"But Prof. Locke - my new Head - she's totally going to screw us over, just wait. Did you even see everyone in here when Winchester announced that? A fourth of everyone here just went whumph," he showed the slumping defeat with his shoulders, "Cause Ninth's a party house and now everyone knows it's over, or detention."

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