Just interesting ones
Fri Oct 8, 2010 9:43pm

Slate was off on a tangent about the teachers. Torn wondered briefly just what year he was in—along with the girl beside him. It was a little unnerving with her sitting beside him, doing nothing but eating. She hadn’t said a word to anyone at the table, but didn’t seem entirely focused on her food, either.

Torn glanced up at the front of the hall, where all the adults ate. He had no idea which one of them had given the speech, but apparently was named Winchester, and was his head of house. He briefly mourned the fact that Slate wasn’t in the same house as him, but felt a little more at ease with the other boy’s assessment of Winchester. And, he obviously had no idea who O’Locke was, either.

“Does Rakin ever throw any parties?” he wondered, looking down at his sandwich. As an after-thought, Torn glanced up at the girl beside him, and asked, unable to deal with his curiosity any longer, “What’s your name?”

  • Short on post titles?Sloane and Slate, Fri Oct 8 7:51pm
    Sloane was listening to the conversation intently, as well as the one going on to her other side. She was trying to also listen to the one behind her - at another table - but someone there kept... more
    • Just interesting ones — Torn, Fri Oct 8 9:43pm
      • Exercise those creative musclesEmma Westbrook, Fri Oct 8 10:36pm
        Emma spent the summer listening to her father bitch her mother out for wearing the wrong color blue at a party they had hosted in a summer house down in Cancun. Aside from that colorful assortment of ... more
        • They're right below your thigh musclesSloane and Slate, Fri Oct 8 10:49pm
          Slate stared wide-eyed at Sloane to hear the answer to Torn's question. He wanted to know, too. He only sort of knew who she was, from seeing her around. She was in his year but she was one of those... more
          • I'm outta shapeTorn, Fri Oct 8 11:32pm
            Sloane was pretty, Torn decided. He was absently tearing his bread apart, placing the bits in rows on his plate. He kept stealing glances at her out of the corner of his eye; the fact that she was in ... more
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