I have to wait that long? Durn.
Sat Oct 9, 2010 12:09am

He would have whistled. A big long one that people did when they were impressed with something, a cartoon whistle, but... he couldn't whistle. Never been able to, so instead he just raised his eyebrows as high as they would go and mouthed "wow" again, drawing the word out as he sat back as she did.

"That's pretty intense. Really." He furrowed his brow just slightly and turned his dark eyes to the head table, trying to pick out the Quidditch coach who he only knew by site and flying lessons. He didn't play Quidditch and never felt overly comfortable on a broom so he decided to stay quiet on that fact instead of embarrassing himself. Yes... he was more of a comfort-indoors sort of person and the thought of careening through the air on a broom with balls flying at you, trying to knock your skull open didn't really appeal to him.
He wasn't big on heights either.

But he would never tell Abby that. Or any girl.

"So, is that we're you're from? California? Or did your dad just work there...?"

  • You're a boy. That takes time.Abigail Greene, Fri Oct 8 2:06am
    Abby laughed at the story of his uncle. She probably shouldn't, having been raised with stories of how bad such a situation could be. "Seriously?" she asked, giggling again. "Yeah," she said. "From... more
    • I have to wait that long? Durn. — Jake, Sat Oct 9 12:09am
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