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Now we're talking
Sat Oct 9, 2010 10:36am

Scarlet's eyebrows rose as Lenin went on about the subject. And what was 'chakra'? She had never heard of that before. Maybe the other girl was right. Her parents were certainly in denial about magic, even with a daughter being accepted into a magic school, even though they had agreed to let her go. They still didn't seem to quite believe it. They had referred to her going off to boarding school in the last few weeks, even in conversations involving just the five of them.

'Maybe there's a book on it somewhere,' Scarlet offered with a shrug. Yes, if she could find a book on the subject then she might start believing the idea. She shot Rhys a small smile as thanks when he changed the subject.

'I'm from just east of the city, Oakdale' she replied. 'Wow! And you came all the way down here for school?' she asked in amazement when he said they came from Canada.

  • -Curtsy-Rhys and Lenin, Wed Oct 6 4:17pm
    Rhys liked the look of her milkshake and quickly ordered himself one, starting to guzzle it down as soon as it appeared on his plate. His dadís philosophies didnít interest him as much as they did... more
    • Now we're talking — Scarlett, Sat Oct 9 10:36am
      • We weren't before?Rhys and Lenin, Sat Oct 9 1:17pm
        Lenin got the feeling that Scarlet wasn't much into her Uncle Jimmy's theories. As the conversation wound down at Scarlet pronouncing maybe there was a book on it -- to which Lenin wasn't sure there... more
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