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Rhys and Lenin
We weren't before?
Sat Oct 9, 2010 1:17pm

Lenin got the feeling that Scarlet wasn't much into her Uncle Jimmy's theories. As the conversation wound down at Scarlet pronouncing maybe there was a book on it -- to which Lenin wasn't sure there was -- she looked across the table at Rhys who was giving her one of those looks that told her she was talking too much about it. Uncle Jimmy was awesome in her opinion, but every time he got onto these big philosophical talks the only ones that would listen to him would be his own family. Everyone else tended to shy away from it. He told muggles this theory... and for some reason they were more likely to believe him than the witches and wizards. He said it was their hopefulness that there was more to life. She went back to eating her rice and salmon.

Rhys, after passing a glance at Lenin to see if she would be the one doing the talking again, slowly wound up, turning back to Scarlet with a grin. "Yeah, totally far, but it's a public school, and the ones back home cost more money." They weren't poor but their family never really saw paying for their schooling as an option, only because they were morally against it. Education, they had said, in the perfect world, would be free to everyone. "Banff Magical Institute is the closest to home, but it's the most expensive in Canada, and there's one near Tofino that's a small private school, and one in Elephant Crossing that is public but the classrooms are really full..." He slowed, trying to think if he'd forgotten any near them.

Lenin cut in, "And there's a muggle employed here. Our parents like that." She didn't know which one though. "They liked the show of tolerance. Not a lot of schools would allow that."

Rhys nodded his head enthusiastically, flaps of his hat bobbing. "Totally."

"And my dad is American. Or was." Lenin was enjoying the conversation. It wasn't often that they got to converse with someone they have never met before. "If we came from the Toronto area we wouldn't be coming very far at all I suppose."

  • Now we're talkingScarlett, Sat Oct 9 10:36am
    Scarlet's eyebrows rose as Lenin went on about the subject. And what was 'chakra'? She had never heard of that before. Maybe the other girl was right. Her parents were certainly in denial about... more
    • We weren't before? — Rhys and Lenin, Sat Oct 9 1:17pm
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