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It's great to be here!
Sat Oct 9, 2010 3:19pm

Austin grinned at Derek's reacted, sure there was food sticking through his teeth but he didn't care. It was such a relief to be able to tell people about the crazy life he'd been living past 5 and a bit years. He wasn't sure he should be, but what cold Jered say now? He all but had blown the cover himself.

'I don't think so,' Austin replied to the marriage question after finishing chewing and swallowing the mouthful he had. 'Hopefully one day though. Yeah, she's cool.' And it was the truth. He all but told her that already. Told her more in some respects. He grinned again and placed his knife and fork down. He dropped the grin, and looked Derek right in the eye, all serious.

'Dude, it's still me. I swear it's just the surname. Man, I wouldn't lie about my true self,' he barely finished before he started laughing. But then he stopped again, picking back up his fork and stabbing the remains of his chicken. 'It's not all good though. I'm just hoping not a lot of people remember the Hardings here. Jered's already warned me that Winchester might get tough. She didn't like him and since he brought me up, you know,' he ran his index finger over his throat.

  • Well... welcome back!Derek Orton, Sat Oct 9 3:04pm
    It was like one of those Spanish soap operas that Rosie, their cook, watched int he kitchen while she worked. Derek's eyes widened at each new piece of information. Jered was Chase... the school... more
    • It's great to be here! — Austin, Sat Oct 9 3:19pm
      • Can't say I agree entirelyDerek Orton, Sat Oct 9 3:32pm
        "Well good," he said. "I don't want to deal with someone new just because your brother's here now." He finished off the pizza in a few large bites. "And I don't think I'll do quidditch this year," he ... more
        • That's a shockerAustin, Sat Oct 9 3:54pm
          Austin's face truly fell when Derek rejected the idea of playing this year. He didn't even notice the piece of chicken fall from his fork he was about to eat. He just stared at his friend in... more
          • Who wants cake?Derek Orton, Sun Oct 10 8:37am
            "Why?" Derek asked with a bit of a chuckle. "Seriously, I'd rather watch anyway. We'll have to go play a couple rounds of our own anyway." That's how he enjoyed Quidditch most of the time. With a... more
            • Changing the subject?Austin, Sun Oct 10 9:08am
              Austin relaxed and went back to eating. As long as they played together in some manner, he was cool. And it would probably be more fun playing one on one. And perhaps he could use Derek as practice... more
              • Never. How about dem Dodgers?Derek Orton, Sun Oct 10 3:22pm
                Derek asked for a large ice cream sundae. Nuts fell at a steady pace with the chocolate syrup and whipped cream. He only got one bite in before Austin asked about Abby. He shrugged. 'Who knows," he... more
                • That's betterAustin, Sun Oct 10 3:35pm
                  Austin rolled his eyes. Girls. They were always the same, either best friends or worst enemies. They could never just ignore each other then get along to play a Quidditch game like guys could. 'Well, ... more
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