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Sorry bestie, it doesn't work that way
Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:01am

He glanced over at her after drinking from the flask, disgusted by her stupidity. Anyone else would have been able to discern that a memory was missing, and attempted to pin it down. Eve did know he'd taken a memory from her, but now she looked confused, unbothered. It almost embarrassed him, how pitiful she was.

She gave herself up when she said, Alright, if you think so, and actually giggled.

Devon knew immediately there was something else going on right now on the roof, something he had not been informed of. "Poor Eve," he sneered, "Someone's stolen the venom right from her fangs."

And then she explained. She came to apologize? Was she out of her mind? Devon was so striken by it that he failed to notice the unlikelihood of Eve apologizing for anything when it came to him. Instead, he bit back, "You owe her more than an apology." He even failed to notice that she was calling Cassandra by her real name. "You owe her witness," he hissed instead, drinking again from his flask. "You'll be witness to her obliviation, and legally bound to keep your tongue behind your teeth."

He scowled at her apology to him. It was confusing, it made him lean slightly away from her. She was up to something, he thought warily. "You're not sorry, not fukcing yet," he swore.

  • Since I declared myself your new best friend, BFF!Winchester, Mon Oct 25 1:10am
    “Oh,” Eve exclaimed in a light tone when he explained impatiently what memory he had stolen from her. On the outside, she was curious, yet unfazed; inwardly, she was seething. Fcuker, her inner voice ... more
    • Sorry bestie, it doesn't work that way — Devon, Mon Oct 25 11:01am
      • No, really, it does. I just said so.Winchester, Mon Oct 25 1:49pm
        Eve nearly did push him off the roof on impulse. They were going to alter Cassandra’s memory? And Devon wanted her as a witness. Crafty, that was. Eve couldn’t say another word about it, even if she... more
        • Actually, I sign your paychecks.Devon, Mon Oct 25 7:15pm
          "It's what she wants," he responded, heart in his throat. The request had stunned him, but he'd instantly agreed. It seemed out of character for her, but she had explained that her priority was Jael, ... more
          • Good thing I'm your new friend, then!Winchester, Mon Oct 25 7:47pm
            For all the expression Eve showed, she could have been deaf to Devon’s threats. “Of course I want peace,” Eve lied easily. “It will be so much easier to work together this year if we can construct... more
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