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Jered Harding
Answering my summons
Sun Nov 7, 2010 4:31pm

Jered decided that with most of the students vacating the school, he could whisk Sarah away for a surprise picnic on the Paths. He had thought of it as he tested the Quidditch for the forth coming try outs. All he had to do was make up the basket (easily done with the aid of the Court's plates) and pry her from her paper work, which wouldn't be too hard with a few kisses. He just hoped no students had hurt themselves already today.

Jered sighed as he turned the corner and reached the school entrance. The students going to Lockstone where only just leaving and Grace was there. He had hoped he'd missed the rush but that wasn't to be the case as Grace summoned him. Great, his plans were ruined.

'Sure thing, boss,' he said dully, knowing there was no way out of this.

The cold hit him in the face as he stepped out onto the path that led to Lockstone. He was glad he had his windbreaker on but wished he had brought a scarf too. He plunged his hands into his pockets and shrunk down into himself to try and gain a little bit of warmth as he walked with the Headmaster, watching the group of girls in front.

He glanced over at Grace, his grey eyes examining the man. He hadn't seen him since that night in the infirmary. He had kept away the remainder of the time Grace had been in there to keep from arguing with Sarah. Besides, she was trying to get a grip on what she had learned about Dan and Jered wasn't going to add to her problems. That could wait.

'How's the chest?' Jered asked after a few minutes.

  • Lockstone TripHeadmaster Grace, Sun Nov 7 10:56am
    Where that pitiful excuse for a Deputy Headmistress was, Headmaster Grace hadn't the slightest idea. He'd laid the paperwork on her desk in plain sight for her to organize the first Lockstone trip of ... more
    • Answering my summons — Jered Harding, Sun Nov 7 4:31pm
      • It'll be a walk in the parkDevon T. Grace, Sun Nov 7 8:14pm
        He checked off the students, wondering what kind of person he could employ to do this sort of work in his place. A puppet, a monkey perhaps . . . Where the hell was Eve. Seth Grimm-Batrice was... more
        • Don't expect me to hold your handJered, Mon Nov 8 1:47pm
          Jered gave a curt nod to Grace's answer about his chest, resisting the temptation to roll his eyes. Jered could guess who would mock him over something like that. Winnie. They had always been at each ... more
          • You don't want to hold my hand?!Devon, Mon Nov 8 2:40pm
            Jered seemed to be extremely irritated. Devon's forte of reading social signals was certainly not of the male persuasion, but the Coach's stony manner had turned taut in a matter of seconds after... more
            • My gate doesn't swing that wayJered, Mon Nov 8 3:19pm
              Jered was taken aback by Grace's next question. His glare turned into a frown and he nearly raced on a head when the Headmaster slowed. Jered stopped for a few seconds, turning on the spot then... more
              • Walking beside each other, Devon and Jered were most striking by the gap in their ages. Though they both huddled away from the cold, and found targets quickly with sharp, suspicious eyes, the nearly... more
                • That's the rumor mill for youJered, Tue Nov 9 12:04am
                  Grace hadn't said it outright but it was still clear to Jered what the man was meaning. Dan Stoddard's death. But it was coming even clearer that he and Grace had different view points on the matter. ... more
                  • It really loves meDevon, Tue Nov 9 6:52am
                    It had been a while since someone other than Eve had made it so clear they detested him. Since Keith, perhaps, that neanderthal of a man with more testosterone than brain cells. A rare kind of... more
                    • At least something doesJered, Wed Nov 10 12:58am
                      It only took a second to dismiss the thought that popped into Jered's head with Grace's words. Sure, Jered had thought about that before but then only for mere moments. It was a ridiculous idea, the... more
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