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You don't want to hold my hand?!
Mon Nov 8, 2010 2:40pm

Jered seemed to be extremely irritated. Devon's forte of reading social signals was certainly not of the male persuasion, but the Coach's stony manner had turned taut in a matter of seconds after Devon asked about Sarah. He wondered. There could be trouble between the two of them, it would explain Sarah's insistence that Devon stay that night in the infirmary. Or, worse . . .

Calculations flitted quickly through Devon's mind. It all fell into place as though pre-set, which he now thought, it easily could have been. A young woman whose previous beau was a manipulative, abusive asshole - a woman who certainly would be extraordinarily prone to finding another man incapable of treating her well. And then (Devon glanced back over at Jered, wondering at a chill that seemed to fly through his coat and hit his spine), a young man, with a father who wasn't known for benevolence. A young man like that was vulnerable to repeat the past - Devon knew well enough. The fact they were back together, with one another, after so many years indicated further that they were both wont to repetition.

Devon silently vowed to keep a sharp eye on Sarah for anything, anything at all. He hadn't so much as imagined it, that he could be hurting her, until now, solely because of Jered's role in bringing down the devil.

But Jered's next words seemed to come straight from Devon's own thoughts. Devon looked him carefully back in the eyes, mouth straight and thin, hoping to gauge if Jered meant just what Devon thought. "What, precisely," he murmured, "Is it you are suggesting?" Kill Daniel? Devon had been working on it for months already. But a team alibi would fly well, it was one part of the puzzle to which Devon hadn't yet found a satisfactory solution. He slowed down their pace to a ways behind the students, careful for anyone in earshot.

  • Don't expect me to hold your handJered, Mon Nov 8 1:47pm
    Jered gave a curt nod to Grace's answer about his chest, resisting the temptation to roll his eyes. Jered could guess who would mock him over something like that. Winnie. They had always been at each ... more
    • You don't want to hold my hand?! — Devon, Mon Nov 8 2:40pm
      • My gate doesn't swing that wayJered, Mon Nov 8 3:19pm
        Jered was taken aback by Grace's next question. His glare turned into a frown and he nearly raced on a head when the Headmaster slowed. Jered stopped for a few seconds, turning on the spot then... more
        • Walking beside each other, Devon and Jered were most striking by the gap in their ages. Though they both huddled away from the cold, and found targets quickly with sharp, suspicious eyes, the nearly... more
          • That's the rumor mill for youJered, Tue Nov 9 12:04am
            Grace hadn't said it outright but it was still clear to Jered what the man was meaning. Dan Stoddard's death. But it was coming even clearer that he and Grace had different view points on the matter. ... more
            • It really loves meDevon, Tue Nov 9 6:52am
              It had been a while since someone other than Eve had made it so clear they detested him. Since Keith, perhaps, that neanderthal of a man with more testosterone than brain cells. A rare kind of... more
              • At least something doesJered, Wed Nov 10 12:58am
                It only took a second to dismiss the thought that popped into Jered's head with Grace's words. Sure, Jered had thought about that before but then only for mere moments. It was a ridiculous idea, the... more
                • Oh, you young whippersnapperDevon, Wed Nov 10 1:58pm
                  Devon was surprised the moment Jered laughed. He was used to Quidditch-hero men desperate to be someone's knight in shining armor; either those, or ones he could respect and befriend. Though Rand was ... more
                  • Teach me your ways... Maybe notJered, Wed Nov 10 11:57pm
                    Jered's grin slipped into a smile. Grace couldn't have still be insinuating that Sarah... no, he was just trying to make it clear that he could... so Jered believed. But no, Sarah would never cross... more
                    • OOCDevon, Thu Nov 11 1:43pm
                      I moved us to the Gashleycrumb Gardens. So it actually looks like we're supervising. Haha.
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