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Evelyn Moorlaker
Just wandering around for a bit.
Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:33pm

"Is your hair a different colour?"

Evelyn looked up from her book as she slipped into a seat (a history of the world's greatest potioneers, lent to her by Callum, which had actually turned out to be quite interesting) to tell whoever had spoken that her hair had always been red. However, she then realised that they weren't speaking to her, but somebody sitting at a table writing a letter. The person who had spoken looked a lot like Howl, but female and with brown hair. She was looking at a boy with blue hair. Evelyn's eyes widened slightly as she realised who the girl was talking to.

"Is it... blue?" she asked, looking at Howl in disbelief. What a silly question. Of course it was blue. Bright, eye-watering, headache-inducing blue. "Oh, God," Evelyn added, blinking furiously as her eyes actually began to water. "It's blue! Why is it blue?!"

  • Just chillin' in the Courts.Howl and Flora Saltzman, Fri Nov 12 2:36pm
    On a whim, Howl decided to change his hair colour. He was fed up with being known as the pushover with green hair who went out with Kim Baden for a while. And anyway, what was the point in having... more
    • Just wandering around for a bit. — Evelyn Moorlaker, Fri Nov 12 5:33pm
      • WandererHowl and Flora, Fri Nov 12 5:48pm
        Why was his hair blue? Howl looked up, hearing Evelyn's voice, and tilted his head to the side a little, considering his answer. "Because green was getting old?" he asked. "I wanted a change." He... more
        • Actually they call me the Drifter... Evelyn, Fri Nov 12 6:21pm
          Evelyn shrugged at Howl's rather insufficient answer, but she felt she might have been a bit tactless. On the other hand, her eyes did hurt quite a lot. Blinking them once more she shrugged again and ... more
          • I prefer "urban vagabond"Reece Teslock, Fri Nov 12 6:33pm
            "Hi, Flora!" Reece smiled and sat down next to a girl with red hair, across from Flora. He'd met her at the opening feast and then Quidditch lessons, and as probably the only boy in his year who... more
            • Yes, that sounds good.Howl and Flora, Fri Nov 12 7:03pm
              Howl took a look at Evelyn, who seemed to have something in her eye. "Maybe when I've washed it a few times..." he sighed, folding the paper up and shoving it in his pocket. This seemed to be making... more
              • I may adopt that as a title...Evelyn, Sat Nov 13 8:32pm
                Evelyn nodded and smiled as Flora gabbled about her baby sister. Evelyn had learned from Howl the previous year that their mum was expecting a baby, and Evelyn had been meaning to ask Howl about the... more
                • I'm happy to share!Reece, Sat Nov 13 11:09pm
                  "Oh," Reece nodded, trying not to look too happy about Howl's breakup. "Cool." Frowning at the plate, he said, "Can I get some pizza with loads of black olives and mushrooms and pepperoni?" Then,... more
                  • Cue the Sharing Song Howl and Flora, Sun Nov 14 2:01pm
                    "I know," Flora replied, "I didn't sleep much over the summer." not that she did usually, anyway, but that wasn't the point. No one had this time. "Do you have a baby brother or sister, then?" she... more
                    • Er... the Sharing Song?Evelyn, Sat Nov 20 7:48pm
                      "No," Evelyn said to Flora, "but I had to babysit for a neighbour once. The kid was only one and it was pure hell." She closed her eyes and shook her head, briefly reliving the horror that was... more
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