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I'm happy to share!
Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:09pm

"Oh," Reece nodded, trying not to look too happy about Howl's breakup. "Cool."

Frowning at the plate, he said, "Can I get some pizza with loads of black olives and mushrooms and pepperoni?" Then, when it arrived, he took the first slice closet to him right into his mouth.

It caused a problem approximately fifteen seconds later, when Evelyn addressed him. He really should have seen that coming. "Mhhhhghh. Mmmf," he said at first, then managed to swallow. "Great so far," he smiled, a little guiltily. "What year are you? What house? Oh, Rakin," he nodded, seeing the badge on her robes. "I'm a first generation Ahela, but basically the rest of my family was all in Rakin. D'you like it?"

Neck extending curiously, he asked, "When'd you get a baby sister? Was she a surprise?"

  • I may adopt that as a title...Evelyn, Sat Nov 13 8:32pm
    Evelyn nodded and smiled as Flora gabbled about her baby sister. Evelyn had learned from Howl the previous year that their mum was expecting a baby, and Evelyn had been meaning to ask Howl about the... more
    • I'm happy to share! — Reece, Sat Nov 13 11:09pm
      • Cue the Sharing Song Howl and Flora, Sun Nov 14 2:01pm
        "I know," Flora replied, "I didn't sleep much over the summer." not that she did usually, anyway, but that wasn't the point. No one had this time. "Do you have a baby brother or sister, then?" she... more
        • Er... the Sharing Song?Evelyn, Sat Nov 20 7:48pm
          "No," Evelyn said to Flora, "but I had to babysit for a neighbour once. The kid was only one and it was pure hell." She closed her eyes and shook her head, briefly reliving the horror that was... more
          • I'm gonna lipsinc along with FloraReece Teslock, Wed Nov 24 9:46pm
            Reece nodded to Flora and Howl, and turned his head politely to listen to Evelyn. There was something familiar about her. He didn't catch it at first, but then his eyes widened at her story. "Wow!"... more
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