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Er... the Sharing Song?
Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:48pm

"No," Evelyn said to Flora, "but I had to babysit for a neighbour once. The kid was only one and it was pure hell." She closed her eyes and shook her head, briefly reliving the horror that was looking after the neighbour's brat. "I made a vow never to do it again. It was truly awful."

She and Flora giggled as Reece tried to talk and eat at the same time. "Third year," she told Reece, trying to control her laughter. She shrugged when he asked her if she liked it in Rakin. "It's ok, I suppose. But..." She paused, remembering Damon and Emma Westbrook's attitudes to her not being anti-Muggleborn. "Well, there tend to be some people that aren't particularly happy with me. I sort of yelled at a girl," she explained, her speech slightly stilted. "For insulting Muggleborns. She cursed me." Here Evelyn paused awkwardly, wondering if Reece's family were all pro-Pureblood, and whether or not she should hang about, in case she got cursed again. She didn't really want a repeat of last year.

"So... what about your family? Are they..." She didn't want to say "crazy", although in her opinion, anyone who thought they were better than the next person simply because of the fact that they came from a long line of wizards and witches was crazy. "Basically, would they go anywhere near a Muggleborn?" Evelyn caught herself, but not soon enough. She blushed and looked down. She hadn't meant to ask such a forward question, and the way it came across made her desperately hope that the ground might open up and swallow her whole. "I'm sorry," she muttered to the table. "I... I didn't mean it to sound like that."

  • Cue the Sharing Song Howl and Flora, Sun Nov 14 2:01pm
    "I know," Flora replied, "I didn't sleep much over the summer." not that she did usually, anyway, but that wasn't the point. No one had this time. "Do you have a baby brother or sister, then?" she... more
    • Er... the Sharing Song? — Evelyn, Sat Nov 20 7:48pm
      • I'm gonna lipsinc along with FloraReece Teslock, Wed Nov 24 9:46pm
        Reece nodded to Flora and Howl, and turned his head politely to listen to Evelyn. There was something familiar about her. He didn't catch it at first, but then his eyes widened at her story. "Wow!"... more
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