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Presley Crawford
Come on everyone! HAVE FUN!
Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:10pm

Presley may have been one of the first people who knew about the shitload of snow from the night before. Although her time to leave wasn't until 8 a.m., she had to get running in and a shower and packing (which she'd put off last night to spend more time with Arlis) and then exchanging gifts with her girlfriend, since they weren't leaving for Tokyo on the 30th.

Instead she found herself stuck to running inside the school, disappointed to know that this probably meant she wouldn't get to come home until much later. They'd have to at least clear a path to Lockstone and get students portkeys if that was to work.

She was about halfway through her run when she heard students coming out into the halls and talking about teachers confirming they wouldn't be going home. She ran longer, feeling a chill in one spot. The third time she passed, sweating and running in place, she looked around. A window. It was covered with snow. She started to pry it open and some powder fell through the crack. She smiled with an idea.

Hurrying, she got back to her room and got ready, leaving a note next to Arlis on the bed saying to meet her in the Court when she felt up to it.

She went down herself, taking a route by the window again, using her wand to open it up a little more. The tables were only half up--probably in anticipation for most of the students leaving--and couches still lined the walls.

She smiled, wrapped in a coat and gloves and a blue scarf flung around her neck. "Accio snow," she said, standing in the doorframe and towards the right corridor. She had to wait a couple minutes and the snow started to come in a fast stream. With wide, excited eyes, she redirected it quickly towards the Court, in every direction she could. Lining tables and chairs, leaving the furniture empty and the plates there. To the right, she built up the snow, then packed it down with another charm until it was its own ice rinks. Small, but it would do. And the room was getting colder too.

With one last touch, she filled the closest table with mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

At least if they couldn't have Christmas at home, they could have a fun Christmas here. Locke, she was sure, would enjoy it at least. And she'd clean it up afterward anyways.

With all that in mind, she started taking handfuls of snow and building up a snowman. This was one thing that she'd never have been able to pull in New Zealand.

  • Snow day!...And then some. Winchester, Mon Dec 20 9:01pm
    Adam had pointed the snow out to her that morning—the morning the students were due to head back home for the holidays. He woke her up, and through her blurred, sleepy vision, she had glared out the... more
    • Might as well join inAbigail Greene, Mon Jan 3 9:48am
      Abby woke up late. After all, she wasn't supposed to leave until the last group. Or second to last. Either way, it wasn't until two o'clock. She woke at ten to hear rumors running around about not... more
      • Well, you might as wellHowl Saltzman, Fri Jan 7 12:30pm
        The snow didn't take Howl by the surprise. By the time he was down and in the Courts, he'd already heard groups of people complaining about the snow, or if they were staying anyway, laughing about... more
        • Christmas fun!Abby Greene, Fri Jan 7 9:39pm
          Smoothing the creases between three rounds of snow was something Abby was very picky about. She liked it when her girl snow-people had perfect curves, one shape blending into another, while still... more
          • IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS?Howl Saltzman, Sun Jan 9 2:53pm
            For a moment, Howl thought he might get the silent treatment or something. Kim and Abby hated each other, and Kim would probably hate him talking to her if they were still together. Howl had almost... more
            • That's the beauty of this place: Christmas forever!Abigail Greene, Sun Jan 9 11:17pm
              Abigail Greene was a lot of things. She was a good student, for one. A bossy older sister. She was fun loving and sensitive, friendly, outgoing, vengeful and --above all else--Abigail Greene was a... more
    • Now I see why Devon puts "supervising" in quotationsProfessor Locke, Fri Dec 24 7:31pm
      Cassandra, upon learning that she was in charge of supervising the students during the morning and early afternoon, knocked on Sarah's door for company. It wasn't that she minded doing it alone, no,... more
      • Entirely appropriateSarah Mason and Presley, Fri Dec 24 7:56pm
        Sarah was happy for a break from the Mercy Wing, but wasn't certain why Cassie said she needed gloves. Either way, she grabbed the nice set Devon got her and gave Jered a kiss on her way out, joining ... more
        • May as well, eh?Cassandra Locke, Sat Dec 25 12:36am
          Cassandra grinned over at Presley and waved. They were doing their magic-type tricks, those little flourishes and bits like Devon liked. That extra little spark. But a snow fort? Oh yeah. Cassandra... more
          • Have fun? Of course!Sarah, Sat Dec 25 2:59pm
            Presley went back to her own sculpting soon enough, and her attention was with other students again as Sarah followed Cassie's lead, their hands crossing each others and padding down areas together... more
            • Snow day!Annet and Noah, Mon Dec 27 1:04am
              Annet didn’t mind snow. She liked the crunch of it underfoot, and the way the sky looked when it snowed. It reminded her of some sort of post apocalyptic world raining ash, and never getting fully... more
              • What kind of snow do you mean, Noah?Cassandra and Jael, Sun Jan 9 6:13pm
                "Yeah, I really have," Cassandra answered Sarah. "I've had some doubts about whether I should be doing something where I can see a more immediate impact, but the longer I'm here, the more my world... more
                • I have a feeling Cassie's going superwoman on usSarah Mason, Mon Jan 10 9:57pm
                  Cassie gave Sarah hope. She smiled at her response, thinking if just a few more wizards felt the same way this world much just get a little better. "Good, I'm glad," Sarah said. "It wouldn't be the... more
    • Come on everyone! HAVE FUN! — Presley Crawford, Tue Dec 21 10:10pm
      • Oh my God. Ew.Willow Clay, Thu Dec 23 11:54am
        That morning when she'd woken up, there was a very weird feel around the castle. Her dorm was very quiet, but maybe that was because Arlis wasn't there. Either way, as she got dressed - having... more
        • Yay!Callum Termaine, Thu Dec 23 5:59pm
          Callum had woken up to a quiet common room. This was potentially nothing special, seeing as Ahela was generally a quiet place, but today there was a dead silence. He'd been culred up by the fire... more
          • Not "yay".Willow, Thu Dec 23 6:55pm
            "Ah, I'm sorry," Willow said again, stopping as she realised Eggs had stopped to be stroked by the boy. Callum or something? She remembered him from last year, when Dom broke his ankle. She hadn't... more
            • Fine then be a Scrooge.Sebastian Turner and Callum Tremaine, Fri Dec 24 2:59pm
              "Um... It's ok," Callum replied, wondering whether or not the girl was going to help him up. He recognised her from somewhere - perhaps last year when he'd fallen out of a tree and broken some boy's... more
              • I'm not a SCROOGE!!!Willow and Wren Adams, Fri Dec 24 4:29pm
                "It's one extra week with them ." Okay, so Callum probably didn't know who "them" were, but Willow was fuming. She'd tried to be nice to Arlis - okay, for just a few minutes - but that hadn't worked, ... more
                • Ahem... Yeah whatever... Callum and Seb, Fri Dec 24 5:37pm
                  "Who are 'they'?" Callum asked, raising his eyebrows, but Willow still looked pretty angry, so he dropped it and looked at the floor. Sebastian seemed about to ask something, but a sudden loud scream ... more
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