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Damon and Howl
Don't get cocky, now.
Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:19am

"I'm not sure," Howl said, furrowing his eyebrows. In all honesty, he was actually terrible at using hair dye, sometimes ending up with a funny coloured forehead after he'd finished. He shrugged and flicked the sesame seed back at Slate, not really listening to him.

Damon stared at Slate. The nerve of him! "No," he said stuffily. That was what happened when you were born into a pureblood family - or most pureblood families, but he wasn't going to give Slate the satisfaction of saying that out loud. He started to feel his hands shake angrily as Slate started talking about Sloane again. "How do you know that? Some people might think you're stupid because you talk so much. And you pretend to know everything but you just don't," Damon snarled.

He felt his face flush angrily and looked away, up at the ceiling. He just had to keep cool, the boy seemed to know a lot. He had to make sacrifices. Anyway, he wasn't being hurt physically or emotionally right now, like he might be if he failed Drake.

Howl, who'd been staying well out of the heated conversation, looked up from the table top as Slate asked him a question. "Sorry? Oh, erm. Well they wouldn't," he started, "but where I come from it's pretty multicultural, so arranged marriages aren't unheard of." Those people had some say in the matter though. He felt almost sorry for Damon; he was pretty sure he'd seen Sloane somewhere before, and she was really quiet, almost a bit spooky. Plus he didn't like some of the kids in Rakin. Most of them were horrible and snotty. Pretty much like Damon.

  • "Don't know her," Slate shrugged, instantly uninterested. Clearly she didn't have any good ideas about hair color anyway, so he wasn't going to give her that much thought. Flora. Huh. He'd remember... more
    • Don't get cocky, now. — Damon and Howl, Thu Dec 23 11:19am
      • Why not? I can't help it if I'm awesomeSlate, Thu Dec 23 1:59pm
        Slate, who considered himself to have an excellent temperament, was beginning to get a little annoyed himself. Sure, he didn't know half of what he was talking about, but that wasn't for Damon to... more
        • *An idiotDamon and Howl, Thu Dec 23 5:00pm
          Damon followed Slate up and slammed his hands down on the table, making several people's glasses tip over. "What's everyone saying then?" his heart raced as he waited for an answer. He didn't know... more
          • * totally amazing and really coolSlate, Fri Dec 24 1:25am
            Slate's heart was going faster, thud-thud-thud and he had his wand out in his hand while Damon talked. His mouth tightened, jaw clenched, he felt engorged with rage. Sure his mom's name was Magenta!... more
            • ** A big mouthDamon and Howl, Fri Dec 24 9:13am
              " Wife? Don't be such an idiot!" Okay, he really had to start being more creative with his insults. "Anyway, you're the one hanging out with mudbloods ," Damon said, nodding in Howl's direction. Howl ... more
              • *** cooler than you!!!Slate, Fri Dec 24 5:54pm
                "Hey!" Slate roared, when Clay called Howl a Mudblood. Howl was his roommate, and friend (whether Howl knew it or not), and just because Slate was a Pureblood, it didn't mean half the people in his... more
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