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Willow Clay
Oh my God. Ew.
Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:54am

That morning when she'd woken up, there was a very weird feel around the castle. Her dorm was very quiet, but maybe that was because Arlis wasn't there. Either way, as she got dressed - having finally got into the habit of dressing like her sister kept telling her to - and went downstairs, everything was dark and muffled... almost as if... the school was buried under the heavy snow fall that had come down the night before... No. Her heart started racing at the prospect of being trapped under the snow. Trapped, with no escape.

She hadn't brought her stuff down with her because she wasn't planning on leaving until later on, once she'd properly woken up. of course, Eggs had followed her down to the Courts.

The first thing she noticed was that the Courts were freezing, and the air sharp like the snow had got into the school. Which, on further inspection, it had. If there was one thing she was growing to hate, it was snow. Soggy, damp, cold, potentially dangerous snow. Why couldn't someone just... zap it away with their wand? That was what magic was for, right?

She looked around to see whp'd let the snow in; Presley Crawford, who Willow would have considered cool if she wasn't going out with Arlis Batrice or whatever. She turned to walk back up to Ninth, Eggs close on her heel, padding cautiously through the snow, when she walked into someone. "Sorry," she sighed, starting to walk around them without stopping to see who she'd walked into.

  • Come on everyone! HAVE FUN!Presley Crawford, Tue Dec 21 10:10pm
    Presley may have been one of the first people who knew about the shitload of snow from the night before. Although her time to leave wasn't until 8 a.m., she had to get running in and a shower and... more
    • Oh my God. Ew. — Willow Clay, Thu Dec 23 11:54am
      • Yay!Callum Termaine, Thu Dec 23 5:59pm
        Callum had woken up to a quiet common room. This was potentially nothing special, seeing as Ahela was generally a quiet place, but today there was a dead silence. He'd been culred up by the fire... more
        • Not "yay".Willow, Thu Dec 23 6:55pm
          "Ah, I'm sorry," Willow said again, stopping as she realised Eggs had stopped to be stroked by the boy. Callum or something? She remembered him from last year, when Dom broke his ankle. She hadn't... more
          • Fine then be a Scrooge.Sebastian Turner and Callum Tremaine, Fri Dec 24 2:59pm
            "Um... It's ok," Callum replied, wondering whether or not the girl was going to help him up. He recognised her from somewhere - perhaps last year when he'd fallen out of a tree and broken some boy's... more
            • I'm not a SCROOGE!!!Willow and Wren Adams, Fri Dec 24 4:29pm
              "It's one extra week with them ." Okay, so Callum probably didn't know who "them" were, but Willow was fuming. She'd tried to be nice to Arlis - okay, for just a few minutes - but that hadn't worked, ... more
              • Ahem... Yeah whatever... Callum and Seb, Fri Dec 24 5:37pm
                "Who are 'they'?" Callum asked, raising his eyebrows, but Willow still looked pretty angry, so he dropped it and looked at the floor. Sebastian seemed about to ask something, but a sudden loud scream ... more
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