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Why not? I can't help it if I'm awesome
Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:59pm

Slate, who considered himself to have an excellent temperament, was beginning to get a little annoyed himself. Sure, he didn't know half of what he was talking about, but that wasn't for Damon to say! You couldn't just say stuff about him and get away with it like that. He'd heard that Madison Connor Teslock had been complaining about his flying skills for their team, and he'd "accidentally" shoved her in the hallway a few times since.

"Yeah?" he answered, "I know loads!" He found himself on his feet. Damon should have known not to push him too far. He was a Beater, after all. He could hit things, pretty damn well. "I bet your girlfriend doesn't know everyone's talking about your mom, and my Grandma says Magenta's a color, not a name!"

In truth, he didn't really have the slightest clue what everyone was talking about in regards to Damon's mom. But his grandma, who did seem to keep up with all of the gossip from the rogue side of the family, did say her name sometimes, but usually in Arabic, talking to one of her friends on the phone. They always just sounded all indignant, scoffing, so Slate knew something was up, he just didn't know what. Someone probably killed someone else, maybe Damon's mom was secretly the leader of a group of spies from somewhere. Yeah. Yeah, that sounded right. Slate knew just barely enough Arabic to make his Grandma stay happy with him, but the rest all felt like it got stuck in his throat.

Howl was talking now, but Slate's face had taken on a redder hue than usual, and he was too busy glaring at Damon to listen.

  • Don't get cocky, now.Damon and Howl, Thu Dec 23 11:19am
    "I'm not sure," Howl said, furrowing his eyebrows. In all honesty, he was actually terrible at using hair dye, sometimes ending up with a funny coloured forehead after he'd finished. He shrugged and... more
    • Why not? I can't help it if I'm awesome — Slate, Thu Dec 23 1:59pm
      • *An idiotDamon and Howl, Thu Dec 23 5:00pm
        Damon followed Slate up and slammed his hands down on the table, making several people's glasses tip over. "What's everyone saying then?" his heart raced as he waited for an answer. He didn't know... more
        • * totally amazing and really coolSlate, Fri Dec 24 1:25am
          Slate's heart was going faster, thud-thud-thud and he had his wand out in his hand while Damon talked. His mouth tightened, jaw clenched, he felt engorged with rage. Sure his mom's name was Magenta!... more
          • ** A big mouthDamon and Howl, Fri Dec 24 9:13am
            " Wife? Don't be such an idiot!" Okay, he really had to start being more creative with his insults. "Anyway, you're the one hanging out with mudbloods ," Damon said, nodding in Howl's direction. Howl ... more
            • *** cooler than you!!!Slate, Fri Dec 24 5:54pm
              "Hey!" Slate roared, when Clay called Howl a Mudblood. Howl was his roommate, and friend (whether Howl knew it or not), and just because Slate was a Pureblood, it didn't mean half the people in his... more
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