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Callum Termaine
Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:59pm

Callum had woken up to a quiet common room. This was potentially nothing special, seeing as Ahela was generally a quiet place, but today there was a dead silence. He'd been culred up by the fire reading for half an hour before someone had pointed out the snow drifting past the window, whispering excitedly about the possibility of being snowed in. Callum hadn't paid much attention to this at first, believing it to be simply excited first years or something - until, upon making his way downstairs, he'd happened to glance out of a window and catch sight of at least eight feet (so it seemed) of snow outside. They were half-buried, trapped inside the school building.

Not that he'd been looking forward to going home particularly, but he was a little taken aback; he'd never been snowed in anywhere before, and he wasn't too sure what to do with himself. He buried his nose in his book and walked into the Backwoods Court, feeling something soft and powdery creaking as it was compressed under his feet. Callum looked down and frowned at the white powder on the floor; who had let the snow in? Surely it was bad enough being snowed in, without extra snow inside?

Just as he was pondering this, Callum was knocked to the floor by someone picking their way through the snow. "Ouch!" he exclaimed, looking reproachfully up at the sixth year girl above him, before noticing the cat padding across the floor behind her. "Here, kitty!" He reached out to stroke the cat behind its ears.

  • Oh my God. Ew.Willow Clay, Thu Dec 23 11:54am
    That morning when she'd woken up, there was a very weird feel around the castle. Her dorm was very quiet, but maybe that was because Arlis wasn't there. Either way, as she got dressed - having... more
    • Yay! — Callum Termaine, Thu Dec 23 5:59pm
      • Not "yay".Willow, Thu Dec 23 6:55pm
        "Ah, I'm sorry," Willow said again, stopping as she realised Eggs had stopped to be stroked by the boy. Callum or something? She remembered him from last year, when Dom broke his ankle. She hadn't... more
        • Fine then be a Scrooge.Sebastian Turner and Callum Tremaine, Fri Dec 24 2:59pm
          "Um... It's ok," Callum replied, wondering whether or not the girl was going to help him up. He recognised her from somewhere - perhaps last year when he'd fallen out of a tree and broken some boy's... more
          • I'm not a SCROOGE!!!Willow and Wren Adams, Fri Dec 24 4:29pm
            "It's one extra week with them ." Okay, so Callum probably didn't know who "them" were, but Willow was fuming. She'd tried to be nice to Arlis - okay, for just a few minutes - but that hadn't worked, ... more
            • Ahem... Yeah whatever... Callum and Seb, Fri Dec 24 5:37pm
              "Who are 'they'?" Callum asked, raising his eyebrows, but Willow still looked pretty angry, so he dropped it and looked at the floor. Sebastian seemed about to ask something, but a sudden loud scream ... more
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