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Sebastian Turner and Callum Tremaine
Fine then be a Scrooge.
Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:59pm

"Um... It's ok," Callum replied, wondering whether or not the girl was going to help him up. He recognised her from somewhere - perhaps last year when he'd fallen out of a tree and broken some boy's ankle. He started to get up when she bent down and helped him.

"It doesn't matter, honest. I'm ok," Callum said as she apologised for the third (or was it fourth?) time. She sounded pretty angry, but he didn't dare ask what was wrong in case the outcome was fatal. He wouldn't put it past this girl; she looked ready to kill already, without further provocation from him. Brushing himself down, dazed and a little disorientated, Callum tried to smile reassuringly, but failed miserably, and looked at the floor. He waited for her to speak, and shifted awkwardly from foot to foot as nobody said anything, until finally she complained about being stuck here.

"What's so bad? It's not like you're not 'stuck here' for most of the year anyway after all. What's one extra week? I'd rather be here than London anyway? Where do you live?" he said, making a brave attempt at a civilised conversation, but gabbling in his nervousness. He couldn't be sure if the girl was friendly or not. If she was one of those who disliked Muggleborns, he decided he'd better make an excuse and leave quickly. On the other hand, she might just be in a bad mood...

"Ahh!" Callum slipped and fell again as he felt a blow to the back of his leg, just below his kneecap. Landing painfully on his back, he struggled for a few moments, sat up, and looked around to see who had knocked him over this time.

"Sorry!" a dark-haired first-year boy said breathlessly. "I didn't mean to knock you over. I just came down here and slipped on the snow. Sorry about that, I hope you're ok." He tilted his head and looked at Callum. "I'm Sebastian. Sebastian Turner. I think I've seen you around - you're in my house aren't you? Ahela?"

"Callum. Callum Tremaine." Callum looked carefully at the boy. Was this boy really in Ahela? Callum didn't recognise him at all. "First year, right?" He got to his feet as Sebastian nodded, and looked over at the girl(Willow?), to see whether she had ever met this boy before.

  • Not "yay".Willow, Thu Dec 23 6:55pm
    "Ah, I'm sorry," Willow said again, stopping as she realised Eggs had stopped to be stroked by the boy. Callum or something? She remembered him from last year, when Dom broke his ankle. She hadn't... more
    • Fine then be a Scrooge. — Sebastian Turner and Callum Tremaine, Fri Dec 24 2:59pm
      • I'm not a SCROOGE!!!Willow and Wren Adams, Fri Dec 24 4:29pm
        "It's one extra week with them ." Okay, so Callum probably didn't know who "them" were, but Willow was fuming. She'd tried to be nice to Arlis - okay, for just a few minutes - but that hadn't worked, ... more
        • Ahem... Yeah whatever... Callum and Seb, Fri Dec 24 5:37pm
          "Who are 'they'?" Callum asked, raising his eyebrows, but Willow still looked pretty angry, so he dropped it and looked at the floor. Sebastian seemed about to ask something, but a sudden loud scream ... more
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