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Sarah Mason and Presley
Entirely appropriate
Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:56pm

Sarah was happy for a break from the Mercy Wing, but wasn't certain why Cassie said she needed gloves. Either way, she grabbed the nice set Devon got her and gave Jered a kiss on her way out, joining Cassandra in the hall, wrapping the scarf twice around her neck, then tucking it beneath her heavy button up sweater. "Where to?" she asked, then followed Cassie to the Court.

She smiled at the sight. She'd grown up in Boston and Christmas wasn't Christmas without snow--no matter how much Austin disagreed. "Beautiful," she said. Any muggle school would probably hate this, but Sarah knew as well as the other adults that the clean up would only take one or two waves of the wand. She followed Cassie in, pulling one glove more snuggly onto her hand as her compatriot decided to get into the playing.

Presley was definitely central to what was happening. At the moment, she was sculpting a couple making out on the couch when a wet snowball splattered against her head. "Hey,' she said with a laugh and turned around.

She paused when it was the nurse she saw. Then dreads and the nurse laughing eased her up a bit. It was Christmas, after all, and nurses were people too... when they weren't busy fussing.

She gathered up a big ball of snow and gave it a good chuck. Nurse Mason pulled her wand with ease, pointing towards the snow and making it explode. More so than that, the pieces that broke apart seemed to expand and snow started falling on the west side of the court. Presley held out her hand, coming toward her and Locke. "Okay, that was damn sweet. How'd you do that?"

Sarah gave a little shrug with a smirk. So the nurse did have some sass. Arlis might be interested to know that. "Hey Locke!" This was the first time in a while she'd seen her teacher out of class or beyond the needs of a problem to be fixed. "You two going to build a snowman?"

"We used to do snow castles in Boston," Sarah said. "How about it, Professor," she said, trying to remain formal in front of a student, "Care to help me?"

  • Now I see why Devon puts "supervising" in quotationsProfessor Locke, Fri Dec 24 7:31pm
    Cassandra, upon learning that she was in charge of supervising the students during the morning and early afternoon, knocked on Sarah's door for company. It wasn't that she minded doing it alone, no,... more
    • Entirely appropriate — Sarah Mason and Presley, Fri Dec 24 7:56pm
      • May as well, eh?Cassandra Locke, Sat Dec 25 12:36am
        Cassandra grinned over at Presley and waved. They were doing their magic-type tricks, those little flourishes and bits like Devon liked. That extra little spark. But a snow fort? Oh yeah. Cassandra... more
        • Have fun? Of course!Sarah, Sat Dec 25 2:59pm
          Presley went back to her own sculpting soon enough, and her attention was with other students again as Sarah followed Cassie's lead, their hands crossing each others and padding down areas together... more
          • Snow day!Annet and Noah, Mon Dec 27 1:04am
            Annet didnít mind snow. She liked the crunch of it underfoot, and the way the sky looked when it snowed. It reminded her of some sort of post apocalyptic world raining ash, and never getting fully... more
            • What kind of snow do you mean, Noah?Cassandra and Jael, Sun Jan 9 6:13pm
              "Yeah, I really have," Cassandra answered Sarah. "I've had some doubts about whether I should be doing something where I can see a more immediate impact, but the longer I'm here, the more my world... more
              • I have a feeling Cassie's going superwoman on usSarah Mason, Mon Jan 10 9:57pm
                Cassie gave Sarah hope. She smiled at her response, thinking if just a few more wizards felt the same way this world much just get a little better. "Good, I'm glad," Sarah said. "It wouldn't be the... more
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