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Annet and Noah
Snow day!
Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:04am

Annet didn’t mind snow. She liked the crunch of it underfoot, and the way the sky looked when it snowed. It reminded her of some sort of post apocalyptic world raining ash, and never getting fully dark. She’d been looking out the window at the growing amount of snow all last night, knowing it would turn out like this, but she hadn’t woken her brother who had crashed out on the couch in her quarters having come to visit her for some drinks. So when Noah woke up and seemed upset and grumpy about the snow she had simply smiled and said in a tone of voice not her own, “Isn’t it marvelous!” before she’d stood from her spot at the window and moved to dress in warmer clothes. She wound a feminine scarf around her brother’s neck, muffling his mouth, and he slipped into his coat to attempt and find a way home. He knew enough snow melting charms, but a good half hour attempt at the door to the school – the one exit – was getting him nowhere, as it kept coming in more and more. He couldn’t fly very well on a broom, especially in the cold, so leaving through an upper window wasn’t an option.

This frustrated Noah like nothing else, always a bit of a genius when it came to spells. Annet, on the other hand, was staring into the court, bundled up herself, watching everyone inside the hall with that usual smile on her face, her hands tucked into her sleeves.

Eventually he had given up and went with Annet into Backwoods Court, assaulted by memory at his own time there. He shoved his hands in his pockets and watched as two women – one that redheaded woman that was diligently putting his drug pushing business in jeopardy – build what looked to be a snow fort.

He sighed and turned to where Annet had been standing, “Annet I think-“ only to discover she was a few paces forward, standing with her wand out a few paces from Sarah and Cassandra, with an already made snow castle complete with sculpted ice turrets.

“What are you-?“

She smiled at him before stepping in doors. Noah stood stupidly near the two women attempting to construct one with their hands. “That’s considered cheating.” He called after her, conscious of the other two women who were probably wondering what the hell he was doing in the school in the first place.

He was not nearly high enough for this.

Annet popped out a moment later with a steaming tea in a delicate china cup.

  • Have fun? Of course!Sarah, Sat Dec 25 2:59pm
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    • Snow day! — Annet and Noah, Mon Dec 27 1:04am
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        • I have a feeling Cassie's going superwoman on usSarah Mason, Mon Jan 10 9:57pm
          Cassie gave Sarah hope. She smiled at her response, thinking if just a few more wizards felt the same way this world much just get a little better. "Good, I'm glad," Sarah said. "It wouldn't be the... more
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