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Howl Saltzman
Well, you might as well
Fri Jan 7, 2011 12:30pm

The snow didn't take Howl by the surprise. By the time he was down and in the Courts, he'd already heard groups of people complaining about the snow, or if they were staying anyway, laughing about it. He had been going home, but maybe this would be a good thing anyway. He knew for a fact that his family was even more strapped for cash than usual, and his going home with Flora probably wouldn't help.

Anyway, this would be fun.

Flora punched Howl on the shoulder once before rushing off to talk to someone, and he wondered about going back. There was probably some work he needed to catch up on, or maybe he should go and tell Slate about the snow. He decided against the trek back up the stairs to Ninth and looked around for something to do.

Shrugging, Howl went over to a table and sat down, watching everything going on, and combing the crowd for someone to talk to. He ducked as a snowball flew past, and it just skimmed the top of his hair. He turned round to get a hot chocolate, and noticed Abby Greene. "Hiya," he said, "What are you doing?"

  • Might as well join inAbigail Greene, Mon Jan 3 9:48am
    Abby woke up late. After all, she wasn't supposed to leave until the last group. Or second to last. Either way, it wasn't until two o'clock. She woke at ten to hear rumors running around about not... more
    • Well, you might as well — Howl Saltzman, Fri Jan 7 12:30pm
      • Christmas fun!Abby Greene, Fri Jan 7 9:39pm
        Smoothing the creases between three rounds of snow was something Abby was very picky about. She liked it when her girl snow-people had perfect curves, one shape blending into another, while still... more
        • IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS?Howl Saltzman, Sun Jan 9 2:53pm
          For a moment, Howl thought he might get the silent treatment or something. Kim and Abby hated each other, and Kim would probably hate him talking to her if they were still together. Howl had almost... more
          • That's the beauty of this place: Christmas forever!Abigail Greene, Sun Jan 9 11:17pm
            Abigail Greene was a lot of things. She was a good student, for one. A bossy older sister. She was fun loving and sensitive, friendly, outgoing, vengeful and --above all else--Abigail Greene was a... more
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