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Abby Greene
Christmas fun!
Fri Jan 7, 2011 9:39pm

Smoothing the creases between three rounds of snow was something Abby was very picky about. She liked it when her girl snow-people had perfect curves, one shape blending into another, while still looking snowman-ish. She was smoothing the bottom two when Howl started talking to her.

Abby was surprised. Hadn't he been dating Kim Baden? Some suspicion crept in, though rumors ran as they usually did. They'd broken up or something, right? But what if not? Was Kim going to be all... Kimish with this? Bust out a knife for talking to her boyfriend? Or was this some sort of plan.
Abby didn't doubt it could be.

But then, she didn't care about Kim Baden or any of those stuck-up, elitist Robeless hacks. So she smiled instead.

"I'm making a family," she said, her tone chipper as she grabbed her mug for a break. She took a sip, letting the hot, milky substance soothe her throat which had started the morning scratched and achy. "That's the dad, that's the mom and right there is their son," she pointed to three distinct figures that were posed for a nice family portrait. "How about you Howl?" she asked.

  • Well, you might as wellHowl Saltzman, Fri Jan 7 12:30pm
    The snow didn't take Howl by the surprise. By the time he was down and in the Courts, he'd already heard groups of people complaining about the snow, or if they were staying anyway, laughing about... more
    • Christmas fun! — Abby Greene, Fri Jan 7 9:39pm
      • IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS?Howl Saltzman, Sun Jan 9 2:53pm
        For a moment, Howl thought he might get the silent treatment or something. Kim and Abby hated each other, and Kim would probably hate him talking to her if they were still together. Howl had almost... more
        • That's the beauty of this place: Christmas forever!Abigail Greene, Sun Jan 9 11:17pm
          Abigail Greene was a lot of things. She was a good student, for one. A bossy older sister. She was fun loving and sensitive, friendly, outgoing, vengeful and --above all else--Abigail Greene was a... more
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