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Howl Saltzman
Sun Jan 9, 2011 2:53pm

For a moment, Howl thought he might get the silent treatment or something. Kim and Abby hated each other, and Kim would probably hate him talking to her if they were still together. Howl had almost completely forgotten about Kim now though.

"Cool," he said, looking over at Abby's work. He'd always liked making snowmen, at home anyway. The whole family would gather outside in the tiny back garden and spent a good few hours building several.

"Just came down to check the snow out." Howl started rolling snow off the table between his fingers absent mindedly. "It's a very small family," he said. Then again, his family was a very big family, and he sometimes wondered what it would be like to have only one other sibling. "You want some help?" he asked, nodding at the snowmen and standing up expenctantly.

  • Christmas fun!Abby Greene, Fri Jan 7 9:39pm
    Smoothing the creases between three rounds of snow was something Abby was very picky about. She liked it when her girl snow-people had perfect curves, one shape blending into another, while still... more
    • IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS? — Howl Saltzman, Sun Jan 9 2:53pm
      • That's the beauty of this place: Christmas forever!Abigail Greene, Sun Jan 9 11:17pm
        Abigail Greene was a lot of things. She was a good student, for one. A bossy older sister. She was fun loving and sensitive, friendly, outgoing, vengeful and --above all else--Abigail Greene was a... more
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