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Cassandra and Jael
What kind of snow do you mean, Noah?
Sun Jan 9, 2011 6:13pm

"Yeah, I really have," Cassandra answered Sarah. "I've had some doubts about whether I should be doing something where I can see a more immediate impact, but the longer I'm here, the more my world view's changed to include the Wizarding world." She picked up another ball of snow and smoshed it onto the wall she was making for their fort, and shrugged with a smile. "I see more every day, how important it is that Wizards and Witches feel closer to the Muggle world, than farther away from it."

She looked up to see three people enter the Backwoods Court together: Annet, one of the bartenders at the Cerise, and Jael. She grinned and waved over at Jael, and sent a warning look to the man. She'd had him pinned for a while now as part of the drug problem inside the school. In her first year here, even before she was a teacher, she'd felt the distinct need to storm into the Cerise and throw a bag of pot back at someone behind the bar, having confiscated it from a student.

Annet came in and magicked up an ice palace; Cassandra rolled her eyes. She simply didn't like Annet, but Jael did.

Jael followed Annet around listlessly, touching the ice on the castle, digging her hands into the snow so it froze beneath her fingernails. Eventually she lost interest and moseyed over to Noah, looking at him carefully. She stopped right in front of him; her nose was cold and pink at the tip. She made a humming noise, to herself, and then picked up a handful of snow, magically turning it to cold silver cream, oily as paint and smooth as milk. She pressed it in her hand against Noah's jacket, and smeared it down his lapel in a shape that caught her breath. She thought about asking him to stay still, then decided against it. With another flick of her wand, Noah was frozen.

  • Snow day!Annet and Noah, Mon Dec 27 1:04am
    Annet didnít mind snow. She liked the crunch of it underfoot, and the way the sky looked when it snowed. It reminded her of some sort of post apocalyptic world raining ash, and never getting fully... more
    • What kind of snow do you mean, Noah? — Cassandra and Jael, Sun Jan 9 6:13pm
      • I have a feeling Cassie's going superwoman on usSarah Mason, Mon Jan 10 9:57pm
        Cassie gave Sarah hope. She smiled at her response, thinking if just a few more wizards felt the same way this world much just get a little better. "Good, I'm glad," Sarah said. "It wouldn't be the... more
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