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Abigail Greene
That's the beauty of this place: Christmas forever!
Sun Jan 9, 2011 11:17pm

Abigail Greene was a lot of things. She was a good student, for one. A bossy older sister. She was fun loving and sensitive, friendly, outgoing, vengeful and --above all else--Abigail Greene was a daddy's girl.

In fact, that was what Abigail Greene was before she knew how to be anything else. Her dad watched her and worried as she came home with posters of boys to put up, talking about "he's cute" this and "you won't believe what he said" that. It was, quite frankly, Mr. Greene's worst nightmare to see his little Abby come home holding some boy's hand.

Of course Abby didn't know this. If she had, she'd stop all talk about boys and dating and makeup, throw her arms around Mr. Greene's neck and give him a kiss on the cheek, promising to join a nunnery the moment she became old enough.

But since she didn't know, Abby was one more thing: a flirt--and a rather natural one at that.

"Really? You want to?" she asked, beaming at the boy with green hair. "I usually make them bigger, but it's so hard without having more snow around here. How big a family should we make it?"

All thoughts of the fact that he'd at least been associated with Kim were gone. She had a friend who seemed enthusiastic to join her project and she moved over for him to be able to work side-by-side with her.

  • IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS?Howl Saltzman, Sun Jan 9 2:53pm
    For a moment, Howl thought he might get the silent treatment or something. Kim and Abby hated each other, and Kim would probably hate him talking to her if they were still together. Howl had almost... more
    • That's the beauty of this place: Christmas forever! — Abigail Greene, Sun Jan 9 11:17pm
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