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Devon T. Grace and Mary Wilde-Halberg
Spring should be just around the . . . oh, whoops.
Sat Feb 5, 2011 8:52pm

It had been two months since Mary showed up in his rooms, and she'd hardly left since. That wasn't the strange part. The weird part was that Devon hadn't particularly wanted her to leave. At first she showed up a few nights, for the first two weeks, and then began spending weekends in his rooms. She coaxed him out of the school and onto the paths, although she was forced to make the bargain at night. But she won in the end, when she kept them out there all night and he wound up in the morning sun.

The entire thing was a little baffling to him. He desired her, she was bizarrely attractive to him, and for the most part he enjoyed her company, save for when she laughed in that high, giddy way or made expressive pouts. Her enthusiasm, in that sense, was overwhelming to him.

The last woman he dated had been Jael's kindergarten teacher, and that had only lasted a handful of months. Mary was well aware of this, but so far she hadn't put any demands down. Devon was too far out of his element to expect anything.

She had complained, however, that she had not met anyone except Eve. She wanted to meet his friends. Friends? Cassandra, Devon thought, or Sarah. But for some reason, he wasn't overly keen on letting her meet Cassandra. The fact she hadn't met anyone at all so far was impressive. But he'd spoken to Sarah, and now sat in the Backwoods Court feeling distinctly wary. Breakfast. That wasn't too grand of an ordeal.

Devon had managed to rise at an appropriate time, shower and dress, and blink enough times to order a Turkish coffee in the Backwoods Court at the smaller, circular staff table. Mary was excited about spring; she had on a peach-colored sundress, sandy long dreadlocks tied back from her head, little worms of things, and at least fifty necklaces on. Four - no, five - of them seemed to advocate for various Wizarding nonprofits. She ordered a bear claw and a soy cappuccino, and looked up when the first redhaired adult came into the room. "Is that her?"

"No," Devon sighed.

"Is that her?" Another redhead had just entered. This could go on for a while.

    • Oh good, I like spring. And with spring comes...Sarah Mason, Sat Feb 5 9:41pm
      Sarah had a rather slow morning and had no excuse for being late for breakfast except that she got caught up in reading a novel. It didn't happen often anymore, that loss of time and the real world... more
      • . . . daffodils?Devon and Mary, Sat Feb 5 10:01pm
        "Ah. Sarah," Devon smiled, when Sarah sat down. Yes. That redhead. "Hi," Mary grinned, and put a hand forward to shake Sarah's. Friends, she was thinking. He was supposed to introduce me to friends.... more
        • I was thinking more about young love *sigh*Sarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 12:25am
          Okay, so personality-wise she wasn't like Cassie. That was alright, at least. Not quite a "rebound" at least. And frankly, she was likable. The way she set her brows and lips showed she was teasing.... more
          • Well, not exactly---- Yes! Just that!Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 12:46am
            "Fantastic," Devon murmured, feeling at last somewhat more at ease. He'd been hoping the patent could come along faster, but Sarah was busy. "Congrats!" Mary gushed. Mary gave a nervous chuckle and... more
            • And flowers and chocolate too, of courseSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 11:45am
              Sarah could hardly believe it. Devon was like a thirteen year old with his first little girlfriend, trying to figure out how to explain it or what to tell others about it. Mary seemed equally (if not ... more
              • Well, let's not get ---- That sounds great!!Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 12:09pm
                "Thanks," Mary smiled, obviously appreciating the welcome. Sarah had been a good choice of "friends" to introduce her to, Devon affirmed for himself now. Cassandra could have easily been a disaster - ... more
                • Well at least we can tell who's in charge hereSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 4:28pm
                  She'd heard a little about different schools. Not much about the Chateau Triquette, though. It wasn't until she was sixteen or seventeen that her tutor at home told her about the schools in Europe,... more
                  • Why does it always end up that way?Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 6:30pm
                    "Yeah," Mary answered, "Thanks, that'd be great." She grinned across the table at Sarah. Devon was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea, or if he had just been duped into an event which could... more
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