Sarah Mason
I was thinking more about young love *sigh*
Sun Feb 6, 2011 12:25am

Okay, so personality-wise she wasn't like Cassie. That was alright, at least. Not quite a "rebound" at least. And frankly, she was likable. The way she set her brows and lips showed she was teasing. A little more relaxed in manner, than Cassie. And Devon...

Well, she'd heard he had a tendency to sleep with women on a whim, rather than in relationships. She heard few rumors about him, being back in her own little corner. Besides, she stopped the gossip with a kind word about the man who took care of her growing up that now, when a professor wanted to vent, they didn't seek her out. Except Eve. Who wanted validation, more than gossip, but learned quickly where Sarah's loyalties lay.

Sarah smiled as Mary complimented her. "If Devon and the others hadn't been around it wouldn't have mattered," she admitted. "But he's always been too generous with me." Mary added in complete evidence of that.

With a little pink to her cheeks, Sarah smiled. "Oh, well," she started, looking to Devon to perhaps save her. But he likely wouldn't and it would just come across as more bragging of his staff. "I'm submitting the application next month." She wondered how much Mary knew about what she was patenting.

Devon finally caught up, trying to start them back at the beginning and Sarah couldn't help but smile. Maybe this was more than a rebound? Maybe Devon just happened to be attracted to dreadlocks and sun dresses? Either way, she liked Mary. She could tell that right away. "What about you?" Sarah asked, taking a sip before expounding. "You here to visit or as a member of staff?" she asked, having heard there may be some positions opening up soon. Then again, it wasn't abnormal for visitors to come and go on campus. Matt had come at Christmas, and he was a muggle.

  • . . . daffodils?Devon and Mary, Sat Feb 5 10:01pm
    "Ah. Sarah," Devon smiled, when Sarah sat down. Yes. That redhead. "Hi," Mary grinned, and put a hand forward to shake Sarah's. Friends, she was thinking. He was supposed to introduce me to friends.... more
    • I was thinking more about young love *sigh* — Sarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 12:25am
      • Well, not exactly---- Yes! Just that!Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 12:46am
        "Fantastic," Devon murmured, feeling at last somewhat more at ease. He'd been hoping the patent could come along faster, but Sarah was busy. "Congrats!" Mary gushed. Mary gave a nervous chuckle and... more
        • And flowers and chocolate too, of courseSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 11:45am
          Sarah could hardly believe it. Devon was like a thirteen year old with his first little girlfriend, trying to figure out how to explain it or what to tell others about it. Mary seemed equally (if not ... more
          • Well, let's not get ---- That sounds great!!Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 12:09pm
            "Thanks," Mary smiled, obviously appreciating the welcome. Sarah had been a good choice of "friends" to introduce her to, Devon affirmed for himself now. Cassandra could have easily been a disaster - ... more
            • Well at least we can tell who's in charge hereSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 4:28pm
              She'd heard a little about different schools. Not much about the Chateau Triquette, though. It wasn't until she was sixteen or seventeen that her tutor at home told her about the schools in Europe,... more
              • Why does it always end up that way?Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 6:30pm
                "Yeah," Mary answered, "Thanks, that'd be great." She grinned across the table at Sarah. Devon was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea, or if he had just been duped into an event which could... more
                • Because of the women you pickSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 6:54pm
                  "No," Sarah agreed between bites. "No, she doesn't particularly like shopping. But I'm sure she'd love to meet us for lunch." Maybe that wasn't a good idea. She'd talk to Cassie, though, and let her... more
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