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Devon and Mary
Well, let's not get ---- That sounds great!!
Sun Feb 6, 2011 12:09pm

"Thanks," Mary smiled, obviously appreciating the welcome. Sarah had been a good choice of "friends" to introduce her to, Devon affirmed for himself now. Cassandra could have easily been a disaster - she was horridly unpredictable, he could never tell how or when she was going to react to what.

"I'm originally from the Bay area," she answered, "But I went to Chateau Triquette for my magic education. My parents wanted me to go to school in France so I'd learn French, but I took a study abroad to Malaysia and basically stayed there until I graduated." She laughed, a little guilty. "And I met Devon . . . um," she furrowed her brows, trying to remember.

Devon himself wasn't entirely sure. Was it Rome? She'd wound up in his bed one morning and come back a few times, then disappeared again. That was years ago, maybe even half a decade.

"DC!" she cried eventually, smirking to get it before him, and sending him a devious grin. "You had some Council thing, when Reisterstown was going private, I was covering it for Columbia Witch."

"In the fall, you attempted to lysistrate me," he reminded her.

She smirked back at him. "Yeah, well, lucky you this place stayed public." She turned to Sarah. "I guess it was a little rocky before. I've just been holed up in the wine dungeon here, though. I'm a freelance writer, just editing a book right now. So I can do it from anywhere, really."

She took a bite of her bear claw, while Devon apparently decided he needed more coffee, and requested another demi-tasse.

  • And flowers and chocolate too, of courseSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 11:45am
    Sarah could hardly believe it. Devon was like a thirteen year old with his first little girlfriend, trying to figure out how to explain it or what to tell others about it. Mary seemed equally (if not ... more
    • Well, let's not get ---- That sounds great!! — Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 12:09pm
      • Well at least we can tell who's in charge hereSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 4:28pm
        She'd heard a little about different schools. Not much about the Chateau Triquette, though. It wasn't until she was sixteen or seventeen that her tutor at home told her about the schools in Europe,... more
        • Why does it always end up that way?Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 6:30pm
          "Yeah," Mary answered, "Thanks, that'd be great." She grinned across the table at Sarah. Devon was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea, or if he had just been duped into an event which could... more
          • Because of the women you pickSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 6:54pm
            "No," Sarah agreed between bites. "No, she doesn't particularly like shopping. But I'm sure she'd love to meet us for lunch." Maybe that wasn't a good idea. She'd talk to Cassie, though, and let her... more
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