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Sarah Mason
Well at least we can tell who's in charge here
Sun Feb 6, 2011 4:28pm

She'd heard a little about different schools. Not much about the Chateau Triquette, though. It wasn't until she was sixteen or seventeen that her tutor at home told her about the schools in Europe, ranking them based on their prejudices, first, curriculum, second. Sarah couldn't remember where the Chateau laid on that list.

"A journalist?" Sarah's brows raised after she mentioned DC and writing. Pitts didn't generally like journalists, and she was definitely finding out why by now. Every time there was a serious student injury, someone caught wind and would twist it into an even larger issue than in the first place. And that was only what would be said about her place in the school. It didn't seem to sway the students too much, but parents were the ones that sent angry letters.

But Sarah was corrected. Freelance writing. Yes, that could be done from anywhere. For that matter, such a job was generally done from the person's spot of preference. And... wine dungeon? Sarah couldn't help but laugh a little at that. "I've never heard a better description of Devon's offices," she commented. "If you need out of there, feel free to drop by the infirmary any time."

Sarah cut a piece of her french toast as something clicked. "Oh! Or," she said, turning to Mary, fork stabbed into the bread, "I have a friend that comes down every so often and we go shopping in the city. He's muggle--" she didn't worry if this was someone Devon was dating "--but we usually go around some of the boutiques in Lockstone at some point. You should join us."

  • Well, let's not get ---- That sounds great!!Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 12:09pm
    "Thanks," Mary smiled, obviously appreciating the welcome. Sarah had been a good choice of "friends" to introduce her to, Devon affirmed for himself now. Cassandra could have easily been a disaster - ... more
    • Well at least we can tell who's in charge here — Sarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 4:28pm
      • Why does it always end up that way?Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 6:30pm
        "Yeah," Mary answered, "Thanks, that'd be great." She grinned across the table at Sarah. Devon was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea, or if he had just been duped into an event which could... more
        • Because of the women you pickSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 6:54pm
          "No," Sarah agreed between bites. "No, she doesn't particularly like shopping. But I'm sure she'd love to meet us for lunch." Maybe that wasn't a good idea. She'd talk to Cassie, though, and let her... more
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