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Presley and Sarah
Wait... where are the aliens?
Tue Feb 8, 2011 10:27pm

A scary-looking man walked into the court. One Presley hadn't seen before. Merlin, she hoped he wasn't a new professor. He looked like a skeleton Frankenstein after a day at the spa. No man had the right to have eyebrows like that.

It had been a month of having to be more careful. Her mother still didn't want her to run and she didn't have the heart to go against anything her mother wanted. And the potions didn't help either, but she took them. Maybe she was just imagining him? She zoned out, starring at him as he approached her table, a bowl of sugary cereal in front of her (she was tired of the damn grapefruits) and a cup of juice.

She had no idea why he'd approach a student first. It seemed stupid. They'd either be here or in their offices. Detective though? that was interesting. She sat back a little farther in her chair, afraid that his breath might smell like jasmine or sweet peas. Creepy. "Uh, I don't think they're here," she said. "And I really try to avoid their offices, if you know what I mean."

She just didn't like the guy and there was nothing more to it. Presley didn't often get that sort of feeling about people, and she couldn't pinpoint it, but she didn't like him. And she didn't want to help him out.

"Excuse me, can I help you?"

Presley knew that voice, and she would have rolled her eyes except she was glad for once to hear the nurse. She'd practically trailed her since the heart incident. Just around enough that Presley noticed, though Coach at least seemed to keep her from getting too obnoxious.

"They're looking for Grace and Winchester," Presley said. The nurse had her hands on the back of Presley's chair.

"Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress," the nurse corrected then looked back up.

This time Presley really did roll her eyes.

"I think all the adults here would appreciate if you conducted your business with someone hired to do such, Mr--" the nurse waited for an introduction. "Their offices are right this way," she said, leading him away from Presley's table, giving Presley a squeeze of the shoulder.

She'd never seen the nurse like that. Had she been that way when Presley was out? Damn. Okay, so maybe she had a little sass behind her. Presley, for one, watched them go before looking around for students she knew to tell about that. Whatever that was. Where was Arlis when things got interesting.

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