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Sarah Mason
Can we save the fireworks for later?
Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:46pm

Eve at least seemed more happy. But Sarah's focus went to Devon. The way he said her name. The way he always said her name when he came in for answers. But she didn't have them. She intended to get them. "Stop that!" she shouted, unable to think of anything else as the Detective continued his abuses on Devon.

More infuriating still was that he dared to train his wand towards Cassie. Sarah grabbed her friend's arm and stepped hands in front of her. "Why? That's just to keep her safe. There are numerous parents and--" of course she hardly started before they were exiting. "You hang back," Sarah said with an encouraging squeeze of Cassie's hand, stalking right behind the other group of people, leaving Eve laughing like a hyena behind her.

She noticed one of the aurors looking a little softer than the others. She made a beeline to him. "Where are the warrants for this arrest," she said, the detective getting ahead, students parting like the Red Sea to make way as he took Devon and Annet to the center of the court. The auror mumbled something, holding a copy of the warrant. Sarah snatched it, her eyes flying across the words to figure out what was going on.

"For protecting a muggle?" she practically shrieked, putting the words together with the stud and who was being taken away.

She started pushing through the crowds, getting closer to the center of attention. "What about the Law for the protection of muggles? Section twenty-four clearly specifies the use of magic in emergency situations--" which of course some states interpreted as medical professionals only"--and twelve is geared towards muggles living in wizarding society." Again, with the idea of families rather than teachers. She had wrinkled the paper in her fist, shaking it at Ravencroft, furious.

  • Ending the year with a bangDetective Ravenscroft, Sun Feb 13 8:15pm
    Ravenscroft was disappointed at the rather easy arrested of Anderson. He had so hoped to continue this a little further along, but it seemed the children didn't want to play for long. She left, more... more
    • Can we save the fireworks for later? — Sarah Mason, Sun Feb 13 8:46pm
      • I wasn't planning on throwing a partyCassandra and Devon, Sun Feb 13 10:27pm
        Cassandra's hand touched her nose when the stud was gone. She felt different without it. "Wait, do you have a warrant for that? " she asked the Auror he handed it to, and they shoved a piece of paper ... more
        • You should have plenty of wine, thoughRand Michealson, Sun Feb 13 11:06pm
          Students were congregating and Rand knew what that generally meant: fight. Why at the end of the year? Weren't the students busy enough with finals? Bitterly, he considered adding to their workload.... more
          • I'll be celebrating with champagneDetective Ravenscroft, Mon Feb 14 12:48am
            Detective Ravenscroft took the halls of Pitts' Institute step by step, eventually pushing open the front doors of the school. He breathed in the fresh spring air, fantastic. The perfect day for a... more
            • Um...about that...Winchester, Mon Feb 14 1:06am
              God, her stomach hurt from the hysterically laughter tearing out of her. Eve couldn't help herself. All her fear for Ravenscroft evaporated the instant she realized she was not the target reason for... more
              • Look who's finally joined usSarah Mason, Mon Feb 14 6:28pm
                OOC: Have we gotten a little.. uh... out of order? Sorry if that was me! BIC: His declaration that her talking was causing "voodoo" made Sarah take a step back and her mouth stopped for the first... more
                • He's almost as bad as EveDevon and Cassandra, Mon Feb 14 7:54pm
                  Against the majority of likelihood, and history so foully rehashed, and conditioned submission, Devon woke up. It was one of those pinpricks, he wasn't sure which one, but they stopped shortly after. ... more
                  • Wait! How did this happen???Rand Michealson, Tue Feb 15 8:57am
                    Rand didn't even have a moment to think about running. Of course he wouldn't need to. Rand had never been in trouble in his life. When other kids in elementary were being suspended for bringing their ... more
                    • I so enjoy it when I take people by surpriseDetective Ravenscroft, Thu Feb 17 12:43am
                      This. This was the reason Ravenscroft salivated at the thought of getting the opportunity of making these arrests. The overall discord this Institute overflowed with provided a constant source of... more
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