Um...about that...
Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:06am

God, her stomach hurt from the hysterically laughter tearing out of her. Eve couldn't help herself. All her fear for Ravenscroft evaporated the instant she realized she was not the target reason for his appearance at the school. Devon was getting arrested. And the fact couldn't be more hilarious. Of course, she felt bad for Annet, who was simply doing her job to the best of her ability, using all her strong attributes—namely, blackmail, of course—but...but Devon was being arrested.

Drunk off of her laughter, Eve focused on following Ravenscroft and Devon, along with the other two women in the room. She was the only one who found the situation utterly hilarious, but she couldn't bring herself to care. This was single-handedly the greatest moment of her entire existence—she'd been waiting for this day since Devon dumped her and left her a walking corpse back in second year.

“Hahaha—oh God,” Eve moaned through laughter, clutching the splits in her sides as she clumsily followed along, hunched over. Coughing through her giggles, she wiped away some tears that had built up and fallen from the force of her laugh.

Now, they were near the Court, and Eve was vaguely aware that many students were surrounding them, watching the scene unfold. But, Eve couldn't focus on what exactly they were saying. She kept trying to squelch her laughter, but every time she caught sight of Devon and the silver metal around his wrists, it came back with violent force.

Sniggering and snorting, she caught sight of Rand, and attempted to right her posture. “Hehehe.” God, she couldn't have been happier. Ravenscroft was suddenly her hero, in the spam of a few short seconds.

And then...

“Hey,” she choked out, her laughter vanishing in a split-second. Wiping away the tears on her cheeks, Eve—a very flushed Eve—stepped forward, roughly pushing aside anyone standing between her and the now bound Rand. “Hey, wait...”

Everything Ravenscroft said suddenly soaked in, and Eve became just as indignant as the other ones. No, no this wasn't supposed to happen. Devon was supposed to be arrested—not Rand.

Panic set in, as the reality of the situation fell on her. Oh, God...the magic they cast for Cassandra...

“Wait a second!” she exploded, looking frantically at Rand, then over at Devon, and Annet...

“You can't just—” She trailed off, looking helplessly at all the members of the faculty there, just as desperate as the rest of them.

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    • Um...about that... — Winchester, Mon Feb 14 1:06am
      • Look who's finally joined usSarah Mason, Mon Feb 14 6:28pm
        OOC: Have we gotten a little.. uh... out of order? Sorry if that was me! BIC: His declaration that her talking was causing "voodoo" made Sarah take a step back and her mouth stopped for the first... more
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          • Wait! How did this happen???Rand Michealson, Tue Feb 15 8:57am
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            • I so enjoy it when I take people by surpriseDetective Ravenscroft, Thu Feb 17 12:43am
              This. This was the reason Ravenscroft salivated at the thought of getting the opportunity of making these arrests. The overall discord this Institute overflowed with provided a constant source of... more
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