Sarah Mason
Look who's finally joined us
Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:28pm

OOC: Have we gotten a little.. uh... out of order? Sorry if that was me!


His declaration that her talking was causing "voodoo" made Sarah take a step back and her mouth stopped for the first time since Detective Ravencroft barged into Devon's office. This wasn't enough, apparently. He wanted more. Literally for her to cover her mouth with her hand. Was he insane? She didn't wait long after Devon's body language seemed to at least indicate this was the case. She was tempted to bring out her wand and try some voodoo of her own. So tempted, but she knew where that would get her. Out of a position to help.

So instead, with teeth gritted and a glare towards the strange, tall, and intimidating man, she covered her mouth with the hand not holding the warrant. Rand, too, came over and started to skim down it. Sarah was surprised that he didn't comment on the fact that he was listed in the warrant as well, but then he'd reacted so quickly maybe he hadn't read it.

Sarah hardly felt bad for Eve as she finally seemed to grasp that this was bad. Figures it would take hitting home first. She was also surprised at how weak Eve sounded, like they were taking her favorite toy rather than her significant other. Sarah wondered for a moment if it were Jered rather than Devon if she would be doing more. Maybe she should be doing more. Then she looked at Devon again, how he'd been abused by the man arresting him and she decided against more. For now.

  • Um...about that...Winchester, Mon Feb 14 1:06am
    God, her stomach hurt from the hysterically laughter tearing out of her. Eve couldn't help herself. All her fear for Ravenscroft evaporated the instant she realized she was not the target reason for... more
    • Look who's finally joined us — Sarah Mason, Mon Feb 14 6:28pm
      • He's almost as bad as EveDevon and Cassandra, Mon Feb 14 7:54pm
        Against the majority of likelihood, and history so foully rehashed, and conditioned submission, Devon woke up. It was one of those pinpricks, he wasn't sure which one, but they stopped shortly after. ... more
        • Wait! How did this happen???Rand Michealson, Tue Feb 15 8:57am
          Rand didn't even have a moment to think about running. Of course he wouldn't need to. Rand had never been in trouble in his life. When other kids in elementary were being suspended for bringing their ... more
          • I so enjoy it when I take people by surpriseDetective Ravenscroft, Thu Feb 17 12:43am
            This. This was the reason Ravenscroft salivated at the thought of getting the opportunity of making these arrests. The overall discord this Institute overflowed with provided a constant source of... more
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