Devon and Cassandra
He's almost as bad as Eve
Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:54pm

Against the majority of likelihood, and history so foully rehashed, and conditioned submission, Devon woke up. It was one of those pinpricks, he wasn't sure which one, but they stopped shortly after. It jabbed him in the side and then! - then - he woke up. It was the sweeping, reckless feeling of wanting to take gasoline to his house, of scheming to make his parents pay. He could not learn. Every plot ended with himself and Erin bruised and broken, he got so used to seeing that terror in her eyes every time he told her, "I have an idea."

She was happy to let it go. She'd plead, weep, they just had to try harder! They had to be good! They were born the scourge of the family, and Erin was desperate to earn her wings.

It was Sarah's hand, over her mouth, and one of those final pricks. He was instantly furious with himself for having wasted the entire walk down to the hall, and then again for wasting the time to be furious with himself. He lit Annet's office on fire, everything of organic material. He wanted to kill Ravenscroft, right there, but miraculously kept himself back. Pushed a note between Sarah's hand and her lips, to assure her that Annet's office was on fire and would need extinguishing. . . eventually.

Rand. Devon wanted to spit. He hadn't been protecting Cassandra, like Devon had. Rand had made her the broom so he could push himself on her, a magical invention tightrope of seduction.

"Rand!" Cassandra gasped; Devon's head snapped fiercely to her. Without a whit of intention, Eve got a nosebleed.

But Rand, in handcuffs, was as devastating a loss as Annet.

  • Look who's finally joined usSarah Mason, Mon Feb 14 6:28pm
    OOC: Have we gotten a little.. uh... out of order? Sorry if that was me! BIC: His declaration that her talking was causing "voodoo" made Sarah take a step back and her mouth stopped for the first... more
    • He's almost as bad as Eve — Devon and Cassandra, Mon Feb 14 7:54pm
      • Wait! How did this happen???Rand Michealson, Tue Feb 15 8:57am
        Rand didn't even have a moment to think about running. Of course he wouldn't need to. Rand had never been in trouble in his life. When other kids in elementary were being suspended for bringing their ... more
        • I so enjoy it when I take people by surpriseDetective Ravenscroft, Thu Feb 17 12:43am
          This. This was the reason Ravenscroft salivated at the thought of getting the opportunity of making these arrests. The overall discord this Institute overflowed with provided a constant source of... more
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