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Yes, should I pick the game?
Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:11am

Derek moved as Kim put a hand on his chest, sitting on the ledge wall while Kim moved out of the way. His hands moved from Kim's shoulders and stayed on the wall too. He crossed his legs at the ankles casually, the smile staying on as she mentioned shopping.

"Mom made me," he admitted with a shrug. "Next time you should come with me instead," he added. "It would be more fun. We could go to Conney Island or something after." He whispered the last part like a secret, leaning into Kim and speaking soft enough that she'd have to meet him halfway if she wanted in on it.

Kim was one of Derek's first friends here. So was Madison, but he tried not to think too much about that. He'd fix it, he'd decided, but he needed some time for that. First he needed someone that wouldn't start going on about Grace. Kim seemed like a good enough candidate. She didn't seem particularly close to any of the adults around here. That seemed better than Madison's endless prattle.

Derek took his wand, summoning a drink like Kim's and opened the top, taking a drink from it. "How about you? I don't remember those jeans," he said. "You been shopping too?"

  • It was Derek. Looking . . . different. "Hi." She realized she was smiling back at him, like his easy smile just made her mouth move. Kim's cheeks pinked with color, and she took a drink of her wine... more
    • Yes, should I pick the game? — Derek , Sat Feb 19 1:11am
      • That just sounds ominousKim, Sat Feb 19 10:22am
        Conney Island? Kim had heard of it, like whispers of a place that might or might not have existed. Part of her wanted to go, while the rest dug her heels in and refused. Pitts' was her world. This... more
        • I'm nothing, if not OminousDerek Orton, Sat Feb 19 10:38am
          Derek smiled wider at the comment about shopping all the time. "I never pinned you for a mall rat," he teased, raising his eyebrows once and letting them come back down again. Ramona had taught him... more
          • Ha! Um, sure.Kim, Sat Feb 19 10:59am
            Derek was flirting with her. Kim got that. He was nothing like Howl, a fact she wanted to blame him for. But she was barreling straight past being relieved that he didn't care she kept saying random... more
            • We would make an ominous teamDerek Orton, Sat Feb 19 12:41pm
              She was trying to put him off, but didn't move. Neither did Derek. It was something Ramona said girls did--playing hard to get. Trying to send message when they really meant something else. So Derek... more
              • I like the sound of thatKim, Sat Feb 19 7:26pm
                Kim was temporarily stunned, lost for words, when Derek insulted her imaginary boyfriend. Fiercely, almost impulsively, she agreed, "He's not-" and then instantly realized that she shouldn't have... more
                • Team, team, teamDerek Orton, Sat Feb 19 10:26pm
                  Derek could tell he struck a chord. She knew Jake was boring. That was obvious enough. Who didn't know Jake was boring? He shrugged off whatever defense she'd stopped as she had. He couldn't help but ... more
                  • Go, go, go!Kim, Sun Feb 20 10:21am
                    Kim could not take the threat of Abby seriously, especially since she had made up dating Jake in the first place. It was growing to be one of the most brilliant things about her reputation, she had... more
                    • You can offiically be the cheerleaderDerek Orton, Sun Feb 20 11:15am
                      Thoughts of last year were enough that Derek didn't really feel like talking anymore. And her non-response in the form of a noise made everything seem quiet and still. The party around them didn't... more
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