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Damon Clay
What about 30000000000000?
Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:30pm

He'd spent the summer with his aunt and uncle. But not Willow or Jenna; Jenna was living with some boyfriend of hers, and Willow was just... not there. And he sort of liked it. He liked the loving, but alien attention he got from his aunt and uncle. His uncle taught him to fish, and his aunt liked his drawings. Drake said his mother was still ill, and Cyan had written to him, saying she really couldn't see him in her condition. So maybe he'd worried a little, but Jenna swore she'd seen Cyan when she'd visited a few months back. She'd looked like herself, and her skin had a healthy glow - trust Jenna to notice this - so she really was just fine.

So, Damon returned to Pitts', the only injuries on his body were the scrapes on his knees that he'd gonna falling over some tree roots when he'd gone badger watching with Uncle Jake.

He'd heard there was a party on the room, and with unusual optimism, decided to go along for a while. He saw Sloane standing on the edge, and hesitated, before going over. He stopped in the middle of the party and stared a little. Should he go over or not? Someone bumped into him and he was pushed forwards. He went over, keeping himself composed, and stared. "Hello," he said, realising she was drinking alcohol. He wouldn't do that, just in case. Drake didn't react well to it, did he? He seemed to like it quite a lot though, but maybe the consequence wasn't worth the thrill of it. "Are - are you good?"

  • Party like it's 1405Sloane Rissanna, Sat Feb 19 10:34am
    Sloane had not planned to attend the party she'd heard of, but she quickly realized that it was on the roof, and she and Emma did not have surveillance up there. So she dressed, in a black silk dress ... more
    • What about 30000000000000? — Damon Clay, Sat Feb 19 4:30pm
      • Where's your old soul?Sloane, Sat Feb 19 5:47pm
        And there was Damon Clay. Sloane watched him, occasionally out of the corner of her eye, until she felt him hovering a few feet away from her. It struck her for the first time, that he might actually ... more
        • Back in the 18th century...Damon, Sat Feb 19 6:34pm
          He thought he wouldn't get anything out of her, except for one of those long stares, but then Sloane told Damon he looked well. He remembered his aunt giving him an approving look one night before he ... more
          • I guess that's old enough for meSloane, Sat Feb 19 6:58pm
            None of this was anything Sloane had expected, at all. She liked to think she was taking the unexpectedness gracefully, but failed to procure more of a reaction from herself than reassurance that she ... more
            • You guess?Damon, Sat Feb 19 7:54pm
              Maybe he was being too forward, talking too much. Possibly, this was too unlike him, but he'd just had a good summer, and he felt almost optimistic. He was still worried about his mum though, and... more
              • If there was one thing Sloane was good at, and really enjoyed, it was coming up with plans and making them go just her way. She liked to outsmart everyone else. Develop things so intricate, no one... more
                • So... how about a fossil?Damon , Sun Feb 20 2:49pm
                  Who knew Drake? A lot of people, but he supposed he'd have to think about the people he kept closest to him, whether they would be enemies or work partners... never friends; he didn't have any, just... more
                  • Perfect. For my trophy shelf.Sloane, Sun Feb 20 5:49pm
                    It sounded like a complete challenge, a secret that everyone wanted to keep hidden. Sloane was enthralled. The Pureblood world was full of secrets, but they all had about the same amount of curiosity ... more
                    • Just how old are you?Damon, Mon Feb 21 5:05am
                      It was half obvious why they actually were scared; there were death threats, the Unforgivable Curses had been used too. Damon had seen them in use, at the tender age of eight. He wasn't about to tell ... more
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