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I guess that's old enough for me
Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:58pm

None of this was anything Sloane had expected, at all. She liked to think she was taking the unexpectedness gracefully, but failed to procure more of a reaction from herself than reassurance that she was not moving or doing anything sudden. Alright.

Her eyebrows twitched, when he said he was bored, too. It sparked something in her. If they were both bored, then did that mean they would amuse themselves together? If she was with Emma, they might be placing cleverly disguised curses on neighboring students. Though curses weren't really Sloane's style, not as a fall-back. Those arrests were her masterpiece so far, traceless but a brutal hit. Who would protect Locke now, whom Emma loathed so much, now that her three strongest supporters were behind bars, and her trinkets gone? No one. Emma liked the endgame. Sloane liked the chase.

Still, his story made her eyebrows pull slightly together, then. She hadn't heard much lately of the Clays. Damon, apparently, did not know why they didn't want him at home. "You don't know?" she asked, the rest of his story falling off the edge of the map. "You can find out," she pushed, then instantly, withdrew herself again. She hadn't meant to be so forceful. Amending it, she added, "There's always someone who knows a secret."

There was that part of him, that possibility. She'd sworn to herself that if he ever laid a hand on her, she'd murder him outright, a thought which had emerged when she'd understood that he was Drake Clay's son, and that she might be his fiancee. Once in a while he looked less dark.

  • Back in the 18th century...Damon, Sat Feb 19 6:34pm
    He thought he wouldn't get anything out of her, except for one of those long stares, but then Sloane told Damon he looked well. He remembered his aunt giving him an approving look one night before he ... more
    • I guess that's old enough for me — Sloane, Sat Feb 19 6:58pm
      • You guess?Damon, Sat Feb 19 7:54pm
        Maybe he was being too forward, talking too much. Possibly, this was too unlike him, but he'd just had a good summer, and he felt almost optimistic. He was still worried about his mum though, and... more
        • If there was one thing Sloane was good at, and really enjoyed, it was coming up with plans and making them go just her way. She liked to outsmart everyone else. Develop things so intricate, no one... more
          • So... how about a fossil?Damon , Sun Feb 20 2:49pm
            Who knew Drake? A lot of people, but he supposed he'd have to think about the people he kept closest to him, whether they would be enemies or work partners... never friends; he didn't have any, just... more
            • Perfect. For my trophy shelf.Sloane, Sun Feb 20 5:49pm
              It sounded like a complete challenge, a secret that everyone wanted to keep hidden. Sloane was enthralled. The Pureblood world was full of secrets, but they all had about the same amount of curiosity ... more
              • Just how old are you?Damon, Mon Feb 21 5:05am
                It was half obvious why they actually were scared; there were death threats, the Unforgivable Curses had been used too. Damon had seen them in use, at the tender age of eight. He wasn't about to tell ... more
                • Hi, I'm DelilahDelilah, Mon Feb 21 1:07pm
                  Delilah broke away from Shelby and Torn at exactly the moment Shelby whipped out her sketchbook and started being a weirdo again. "Well I'm going to go say hi," she announced, and with that, marched... more
                  • I'm 13. Wait, who are you?Sloane, Mon Feb 21 1:24pm
                    Sloane pursed her lips, trying not to smile outright. Damon and her would get to the bottom of it. She loved this feeling. She knew she'd be up all night plotting, thinking of extra little ways to... more
                    • Hey there, DelilahDamon, Mon Feb 21 4:53pm
                      Damon gave Sloane a rare, broad smile and wondered if this meant they would talk more, spend time together, even. The thought almost excited him, but he made his face blank again, keeping his... more
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