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I like the sound of that
Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:26pm

Kim was temporarily stunned, lost for words, when Derek insulted her imaginary boyfriend. Fiercely, almost impulsively, she agreed, "He's not-" and then instantly realized that she shouldn't have said anything. Howl, she was going to say. But no one was Howl.

Still, she couldn't help but grin at Abby Greene's name. She wanted to be kind, but it was a joke. Abigail Greene had the appeal of a toddler, and the mentality of a Mean Girl from any high school chick flick, without any of the clout. Before Kim realized she was doing it, she pushed him back. "Oh yeah?" she asked, she couldn't pull the grin from her face. "You mean that's the same thing as having competition? Ha," she laughed, shaking her head, feeling his hand on her neck, accidentally pulling a little closer to him. She was whispering, now, she was shocked to find herself so easily flirtatious. It was the wine cooler. "You mean if you were Jake, Abby would stand a chance?"

She didn't mean to be so cocky, it just came out of her mouth. Like a script. Like the right thing to say. And just like it was one of her long, elaborate lies, she couldn't stop it. She loved it.

"You weren't at the bonfire," she reminded him, voice still low, "Must have been a full moon?" She took a drink from her wine cooler. Damn, she was clever tonight.

  • We would make an ominous teamDerek Orton, Sat Feb 19 12:41pm
    She was trying to put him off, but didn't move. Neither did Derek. It was something Ramona said girls did--playing hard to get. Trying to send message when they really meant something else. So Derek... more
    • I like the sound of that — Kim, Sat Feb 19 7:26pm
      • Team, team, teamDerek Orton, Sat Feb 19 10:26pm
        Derek could tell he struck a chord. She knew Jake was boring. That was obvious enough. Who didn't know Jake was boring? He shrugged off whatever defense she'd stopped as she had. He couldn't help but ... more
        • Go, go, go!Kim, Sun Feb 20 10:21am
          Kim could not take the threat of Abby seriously, especially since she had made up dating Jake in the first place. It was growing to be one of the most brilliant things about her reputation, she had... more
          • You can offiically be the cheerleaderDerek Orton, Sun Feb 20 11:15am
            Thoughts of last year were enough that Derek didn't really feel like talking anymore. And her non-response in the form of a noise made everything seem quiet and still. The party around them didn't... more
            • Ew. I don't think so.Kim, Sun Feb 20 1:25pm
              It scared her, a little. She vaguely, from childhood, knew men who had these smooth moves, and could remember seeing them with Dana or her momís friends. Bad news, the women would say, but laugh and... more
              • Come on, you can be captain!Derek Orton, Sun Feb 20 2:34pm
                Derek didn't kiss tentatively, a peck on the lips and a turn to leave, unsure how it would be accepted. No, Ramona had taught him not to do that. "Don't be so nervous," she told him in Spanish. He'd... more
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