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I like older men. Er, I mean, older everything
Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:13pm

If there was one thing Sloane was good at, and really enjoyed, it was coming up with plans and making them go just her way. She liked to outsmart everyone else. Develop things so intricate, no one else could untangle them. She knew someday she'd end up housebound, married to some loser her mom picked out for her, but at least she could aspire to clever greatness. Besides, it wasn't like she'd stay in the house. Hell, half her work would probably be figuring out a way to cope with her husband and find a way she could still play games, once she was married.

Those were the times she felt envious, even bitter, of the Muggle-born girls. They could do whatever they wanted with their lives. Sloane had her mother and an entire society pushing pressure on her, a whole community of sheer insanity, in her opinion.

She stepped, hesitantly, into the possibility of conducting this investigation with Damon. Her face was more engaged than the usual bored stare, lips puffed in a way, she wanted to figure it out. She felt bizarrely loyal to him.

"Don't think about who you know," she advised, at first. She wanted to push herself into it, but there, she felt she should be farther away. "Think about who knows Drake, and your mother, and has the interest to keep tabs on him. Then, discreetly-" She stopped. She shouldn't be saying so much.

Sloane closed her mouth, and firmly. Damon could turn her in. He could realize, in an instant of hearing her talk, that she had the potential to orchestrate the arrests of three staff members. She didn't know if she could trust him, he was at times Pureblood and at others, well . . . Willow-ish.

But, strangely, she wanted to help him. She didn't know him at all. He could be a so-called Blood Traitor, who'd see her as another extremist. She didn't want to be seen as anything. Except, maybe, for one or two people to know she was bright. But the thought tapered off.

  • You guess?Damon, Sat Feb 19 7:54pm
    Maybe he was being too forward, talking too much. Possibly, this was too unlike him, but he'd just had a good summer, and he felt almost optimistic. He was still worried about his mum though, and... more
    • I like older men. Er, I mean, older everything — Sloane, Sat Feb 19 8:13pm
      • So... how about a fossil?Damon , Sun Feb 20 2:49pm
        Who knew Drake? A lot of people, but he supposed he'd have to think about the people he kept closest to him, whether they would be enemies or work partners... never friends; he didn't have any, just... more
        • Perfect. For my trophy shelf.Sloane, Sun Feb 20 5:49pm
          It sounded like a complete challenge, a secret that everyone wanted to keep hidden. Sloane was enthralled. The Pureblood world was full of secrets, but they all had about the same amount of curiosity ... more
          • Just how old are you?Damon, Mon Feb 21 5:05am
            It was half obvious why they actually were scared; there were death threats, the Unforgivable Curses had been used too. Damon had seen them in use, at the tender age of eight. He wasn't about to tell ... more
            • Hi, I'm DelilahDelilah, Mon Feb 21 1:07pm
              Delilah broke away from Shelby and Torn at exactly the moment Shelby whipped out her sketchbook and started being a weirdo again. "Well I'm going to go say hi," she announced, and with that, marched... more
              • I'm 13. Wait, who are you?Sloane, Mon Feb 21 1:24pm
                Sloane pursed her lips, trying not to smile outright. Damon and her would get to the bottom of it. She loved this feeling. She knew she'd be up all night plotting, thinking of extra little ways to... more
                • Hey there, DelilahDamon, Mon Feb 21 4:53pm
                  Damon gave Sloane a rare, broad smile and wondered if this meant they would talk more, spend time together, even. The thought almost excited him, but he made his face blank again, keeping his... more
                  • It's just great in New York CityDelilah, Mon Feb 21 5:25pm
                    Okay, well, Delilah couldn't pretend that she hadn't heard the reputations before she'd gotten here. Apparently Damon talked to some Mudbloods and Sloane was a total ice queen, but yeeeeesh! They... more
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