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Torn Winston
I'm not much of a partier
Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:26am

Emma Westbrook approached Torn only hours after he arrived back to his second year at the Institute, formally introducing herself, like she had neglected to do last term. Since then, she had often times appeared to talk more with him, concerning herself with his likes and dislikes, his personality overall. Torn hadn't a clue why she suddenly had so much interest in him, but he did happen to know that she was quite close to Sloane, and therefore, he knew it was in his best interest to placate her and accept her sudden scrutiny.

During their talks, Emma had a tendency to lead them into secluded corners—she seemed to have a knack for finding a place of seclusion wherever she was, even in a crowded room like Backwoods Court. She also had a tendency for talking about specific topics, like she had a purpose and a point for each of their conversations—particularly, she would often discuss the politics of the political world. Torn didn't give a shit about the ancient and elderly of the magical community, but pretended to be interested every time she name dropped someone seemingly prominent. Sometimes, he would hint at a topic change to talk about Sloane, and occasionally Emma would patronize him and let him pretend he was in charge of where the conversation would go.

He was engaged in one such Sloane-centered conversation with Emma when the older girl suddenly made a quick exit into the shadows, leaving him to stare blankly out at the students mulling around Backwoods Court. Then, suddenly, he was propelled away from the court and up to the roof.

Well, Emma had mentioned that there was a party tonight, and that Sloane would be there, but the girl who dragged him up there was who caught his attention at the moment. He watched as she did a few jigs on her own, thanking God that it was the other girl that was forced to dance and not himself. Zeroing in on some assorted drinks, Torn fluidly lifted a full cup from the stash and took a drink. His father often times allowed him alcohol, so Torn didn't flinch at the bitter taste.

Then, there she was.

Sloane Rissanna.

An Angel.

The prettiest girl at the Institute.

“Talking to Damon Clay,” grumbled Torn quietly into his cup.

“I'm Torn,” he said a little louder in response to the girl, still eying Sloane interestedly. “Who're you?”

  • Party like we're all PureDelilah Bell, Mon Feb 21 12:05am
    Music, lights, drinks! Okay, Delilah wasn't going to drink anything (she WAS a little worried it was poisoned, she'd heard the stories, too), but this was great! She dragged Shelby by the hand all... more
    • I'm not much of a partier — Torn Winston, Mon Feb 21 12:26am
      • I'd rather be drawingShelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 12:51am
        Shelby didn't argue with Delilah, but rolled her eyes and picked her sketchbook back up, wiping the dust off with her hand. These floors were as filthy as half the school's population. "You'd think... more
        • I'd rather you weren't.Delilah, Mon Feb 21 1:04am
          Delilah smirked proudly at her own introduction. Torn seemed to already knew Sloane Rissanna and Damon Clay, so he was probably fine. "You're Pure, right?" she asked, and shrugged to Shelby. "He's in ... more
          • That's not nearly as fun as our companyTorn Winston, Mon Feb 21 1:22am
            She was drinking a wine cooler. Drips of condensation slowly traversed down the bottle, some wetting her hand, and Torn was lost in the image for a moment. He only just pulled his eyes away when... more
            • *Gives Look*Shelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 10:16am
              Shelby was satisfied when he said he was pure. Delilah was bound to get herself into trouble one of these days with assumptions like that. Shelby had already seen half a dozen muggleborns come... more
              • Keep your chin up, ShelDelilah, Mon Feb 21 10:39am
                Delilah might have been a kid, but she was no fool. Torn definitely knew Sloane at least. Personally, Delilah wasn't sure how to answer her own question. She remembered being in play jumpers, playing ... more
                • Yeah, or no telling what this one will do nextTorn Winston, Mon Feb 21 12:04pm
                  Indifferent as Torn seemed around these two, the three of them clearly had the same upbringing, the same childhood. Irritating memories surfaced of him being dragged to some party or another, having... more
                  • She knows I'll curse her back either wayShelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 12:31pm
                    Shelby's cheeks went instantly hot and she knew there would be two spots on her cheeks that would be nice and pink, as if she'd dressed up as a doll. She scoffed. "Whatever, that was just stupid and... more
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