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Torn Winston
That's not nearly as fun as our company
Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:22am

She was drinking a wine cooler. Drips of condensation slowly traversed down the bottle, some wetting her hand, and Torn was lost in the image for a moment. He only just pulled his eyes away when Shelby introduced herself and Delilah. Taking another drink, he eyed the two girls before him and made a humming noise in response. Everyone was a name-dropper these days. And concerned with knowing the “right people.”

The only “right people” Torn wanted to know at the moment was flirting with her fiance acorss the room, while he was here stuck talking with two purebloods, products of the supremacy movement his parents obsessed about.

He heaved a sigh and replied, seeing as how they were probably wouldn't stop badgering him about it until he did, “Yeah, I'm pure.” Then, he decidedly ignored Delilah's play on his name, still convinced it was a far cooler name than his actual one.

He stood a little straighter up, and then leaned back against the wall he was in front of casually. He could have lied and said he didn't know either Emma nor Dominic, but again decided it would just be easier to go on with the conversation—Emma had requested he “seek out the right people,” and judging from the way these two girls were speaking at him, he decided that they were Emma's idea of the “right people”—if he just went with the flow.

“Sure,” he responded easily, “I know them. Emma's cool—” Frigid, actually. “Dominic's not in my social circle.” He couldn't help it; he turned the tables, using the same cool tone that had been used on him when he repeated their words: “Do you know any of them?”

Shit, that sounded stupid. Of course they knew them, if they mentioned their names. Personally. Do they know them, personally? He should have said that, damni—

Ah, who the hell cared? Torn took another drink.

  • I'd rather you weren't.Delilah, Mon Feb 21 1:04am
    Delilah smirked proudly at her own introduction. Torn seemed to already knew Sloane Rissanna and Damon Clay, so he was probably fine. "You're Pure, right?" she asked, and shrugged to Shelby. "He's in ... more
    • That's not nearly as fun as our company — Torn Winston, Mon Feb 21 1:22am
      • *Gives Look*Shelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 10:16am
        Shelby was satisfied when he said he was pure. Delilah was bound to get herself into trouble one of these days with assumptions like that. Shelby had already seen half a dozen muggleborns come... more
        • Keep your chin up, ShelDelilah, Mon Feb 21 10:39am
          Delilah might have been a kid, but she was no fool. Torn definitely knew Sloane at least. Personally, Delilah wasn't sure how to answer her own question. She remembered being in play jumpers, playing ... more
          • Yeah, or no telling what this one will do nextTorn Winston, Mon Feb 21 12:04pm
            Indifferent as Torn seemed around these two, the three of them clearly had the same upbringing, the same childhood. Irritating memories surfaced of him being dragged to some party or another, having... more
            • She knows I'll curse her back either wayShelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 12:31pm
              Shelby's cheeks went instantly hot and she knew there would be two spots on her cheeks that would be nice and pink, as if she'd dressed up as a doll. She scoffed. "Whatever, that was just stupid and... more
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